CB12 Mild Mouthwash

Banish away bad breath with the CB12 mouthwash.

If you suffer from bad morning breath or just want a healthy fresh smelling mouth then this product is for you. CB12 works instantly to neutralise and prevent the gases that cause bad breath, giving you safe breath confidence for 12 hours. CB12’s unique and patented formulation is proven to perform better against bad breath than other oral hygiene products that may just mask the smell of bad breath. Plus CB12 contains 0.05% sodium fluoride to help prevent tooth decay.
I was sent a bottle of CB12 for review from Meda Pharmacy in mint/menthol flavour. The bottle has an auto dosing system by simply pressing the red button it will dispense the correct amount into the lid.

20130524-104317.jpg. Then you simply swill around mouth and spit out.
The taste is not unpleasant like some other mouth washes I have used and it left my mouth feeling and smelling fresh as a daisy.
The mouthwash can be purchased from Boots and many other chemists and has a price of approx Β£14.59 for 250ml bottle.



  1. moonlite2012
    May 24, 2013 / 14:47

    thanks for the review i have been wondering if this product actually worked as it is alot of money to spend on something that is just hype πŸ™‚

    • May 24, 2013 / 14:50

      It is quite pricey but my mouth still feels fairly fresh since I used this morning a few hours ago

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