Surcare Laundry Products by McBride

A Woman’s work is never done and this is certainly true in my house especially when it comes to laundry. With three young messy children my laundry pile never seems to disappear. It can sometimes be hard to find correct products without the worry of skin irritants and how clean they will make your clothes.
I was sent some Surcare Laundry products via McBride.

I received Surcare washing powder (800gm/10 washes), Surcare non bio gel and Surcare fabric conditioner.
All the Surcare products are dermatogically tested and approved and are free from perfumes, dyes and other nasties.
I had piles of washing so did it in two lots. First I used the washing powder with the fabric conditioner.


20130523-142032.jpg. The products were both clearly labelled and easy to use. I was pleased with the washing results. Clean with most of the tougher stains removed. Even tho this is fragrance free it still gave my washing a nice aroma.
Next I used the gel to wash my other load

20130523-142523.jpg the gel is poured into a supplied doser and then placed on top of laundry in the drum. Again this gave great results

20130523-142751.jpg my daughters bib which was covered in bright orange spaghetti sauce and yoghurt came out very clean and fresh.
McBride supply a wide range of products both for the home and personal care. They are very cheap to buy and do a great job. For a list of home products click here


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