Mouth Watering Steak – Pampas Plains

Pampas Plains deliver the worlds best meat and gourmet foods straight to your door. They provide a range of top quality premium products and excellent customer service to go with it.
To see their amazing range of products that you can have delivered next day to your doorstep simply visit their web page. They also do a steak subscription service where you can have steak delivered to yourself or as a gift every month.
I love a good bit of steak and the amazing people at Pampas Plains sent me some over for review. I received a Sirloin and Ribeye joint.

20130522-202916.jpg My steak arrived in a large box sealed and packed with ice packs to keep it chilled and fresh. The steaks themselves were both individually wrapped and sealed in vacuum packs to lock the freshness in.


20130522-203057.jpg When I removed the steaks from the packs they instantly started to rise and expand with the air.

20130522-203211.jpg. These joints looked so big and juicy and my belly was rumbling as they were being cooked.

20130522-203346.jpg. We had the steaks medium cooked with a helping of onions. The steaks were so succulent and juicy- just totally mouth watering delicious.

20130522-203452.jpg. Without a doubt this is the best steak I have ever had the pleasure to try. You definitely will not find steak as good as this in your local supermarket.
I certainly intend to get this steak again soon and perhaps try some other gourmet delights from Pampas Plains


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