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Somewhere in a rambling old house in Scotland, You will find Lucy Moose and her amazing Lucymoose studios. A crazy place making all sorts of unique delightful things from cushions to bags and key rings to the magical Stuffyourdoodles.
Stuffyourdoodles are bespoke soft figures created from your children’s drawings (or adults). Made from recycled fabric materials; no two items will ever be the same making yours the only one in the whole world.
The Process is easy – you simply email or post your drawings to Lucy Moose and you will be made a stuffed version as close to the original as possible with each distinctive feature replicated i.e legs different lengths, eyes different colours. The result is simply doodlemagic.
I was lucky enough to receive my own Stuffyourdoodle and here is the original picture.IMG_1265From this pink dinosaur drawing – into this——-

Wow it really is magic!!!
Can you imagine your child’s little face when one of their simple drawings come to life?? Wow they will be truly amazed as I was.
prices vary obviously due to requirements but these really are one-off amazing items that you will not find anywhere else. Please visit LucyMoose web page here and see the amazing gallery of stuffyourdoodles. You too will be wanting yours.


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