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imagesI do love a lovely brew. I must drink at least five or six cups of tea a day. I can’t leave the house in mornings without having one and Yorkshire tea is lovely, makes an excellent tasting brew.
About Yorkshire Tea
The story of Taylors of Harrogate goes way further back than the 70s. In fact, it all started in Victorian times when in 1886, Charles Edward Taylor and his brother Llewellyn – sons of a York pea-dealer and master grocer – set up the tea and coffee importing business CE Taylor & Co. Both brothers trained at the renowned Ashbys Tea of London, where they also went on to buy their teas and coffees at auction. Llewellyn eventually became a sleeping partner but Charles soon hit on the idea of opening up ‘kiosk’ tea and coffee tasting rooms in the booming, fashionable spa towns of Harrogate and Ilkley. The rest, as they say, is history.
I was delighted when I was sent a few boxes of tea bags to try (I received the products free of charge for review. The review however is my own honest personal experience which I am under no obligation to write).
I received three boxes of their tea bags i_2013042723030329
*Yorkshire tea
*Yorkshire tea decaf
*Yorkshire gold
Red box blend
I got to work straight away making my first lovely brew with them. I went for the Yorkshire tea red packet first. I have my brew with two sugars and a splash of milk. These tea bags are lovely I have been using them for years and to me the tea tastes how a good cup of tea should taste great with a biccy to dunk too.

Proof that being kind to your body doesn’t mean being cruel to your tastebuds. Whether you’re after a decent night’s sleep or just trying to be healthy, you’ll love the great taste of Yorkshire Tea Decaf. It’s made from the pick of the crop just like our original blend, using top quality Rwandan and Kenyan teas that aren’t compromised by decaffeination.
i_2013042723030324i_2013050313031493Its hard to believe this is decaffeinated as just as nice as normal blend.
Gold Blend
Last but definitely not least was time to try the gold blend tea bags.
luxury blend. Made with tea from the world’s finest tea gardens, Yorkshire Gold is a rich and refreshing brew. The smooth malty flavour of the second flush of the Assam season are combined with the fresh lively character of peak season teas from Rwanda and the highlands of East Africa. The result is a luxurious, full-bodied tea with a rich flavour. Top quality and great taste.
probably my favourite out of the three, a stronger taste absolutely delicious great for a cold or warm day.
Oh what lovely cuppa’s I have had today thanks to Yorkshire tea


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