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i_2013042615473741Plum Baby began as one mother’s journey into the world of taste and good food for her children. Plum recipes are designed to take the worry out of weaning by creating nutritious convenient baby food that is full of flavour.
The new savoury blends are designed for early weaning and contain interesting savoury organic ingredients, which are bursting with goodness and antioxidants. The blends combine both fruit and vegetables together to give interesting sweet and savoury tastes to help avoid babies from getting a sweet tooth, helping parents get vegetables into their little ones from the outset
All of the plum recipes contain protein rich quinoa making them well-balanced meals. Plum is passionate about providing babies with delicious organic food of the highest quality.
Izebella’s Weaning Battle
I have been trying to wean little Izebella (6 months) for around six weeks. She was showing all the signs of being ready for food – such as staring at me eating, being more hungry etc. We have had ups and downs, the main problem being she will eat yoghurt and fruit all day but will shut her lips tightly together at anything savoury. So when I heard about the new Plum range I thought I may aswell give it a go.
i_2013042615473738i_2013042615473739(I received the baby food free of charge for review. I do not get paid for reviews and the following is my personal opinion of these products.)
We received six pouches of Plum savoury blends, two of each lovely flavour and was eager to see how Izebella took to them.
Day 1- Sweet Potato, corn and apple
i_2013042615473737Sweet potatoes full of fibre and beta-carotene and have less effect on baby’s blood sugar. Corn is naturally sweet with antioxidants and everyone loves Apples.
As Izebells has been on food a few weeks, she can take larger amounts so one of these pouches was just the correct amount in a bowl for her i_2013042615473735
At first as always se refused to taste it but after a little playing around and effort she eventually opened her mouth and decided to taste it for herself. I too (as most mums probably do) had a taste and it’s quite unusual. Sweet but with the taste of savoury veggies.
i_2013042615473734Izebella actually liked this one a lot, She ate the whole lot fuss free which has to be a first for her. We were both very pleased with this one.i_2013042723030342
Day 2- Broccoli & Apple 81402011_H
Brocoli is rich in vitamin C and lots of other helpful compounds. This blend is a good way of introducing baby to the challenging flavour which broccoli has.
This had a strange slightly greenish look to it and you could definitely taste the broccoli aswell as the sweetness of apple.
i_2013042723030337As before it took a few tries to get Izebella to take any but she eventually did.i_2013042723030334 She managed half the bowl then refused to eat anymore. Not too sure if she was full or maybe the flavours were a little too strong or confusing for her??, oh well maybe next time eh? She looks slightly bewildered in this picture I think.
Day 3- Pear, Blueberry and Purple Carrot 81405011_H
This is a very unusual blend, earth carrots with the tang of blueberries and pear.
Beta Carotene, powerful antioxidants called anthocyanins which help protect against a whole host of diseases.
This has a deep purply red colour. i_2013042813331995I made sure she wore a huge bib with this one.
Again it took a while for her to try but this like the first went down pretty well. She finished almost all of it . With lots of lovely mess for me along the way.
I think these foods are great for first time weaning and trying to get your little ones to eat savouries and especially vegetables. I was very surprised at how much Izebella actually ate of these foods; considering she usually refuses everything I try to give her. I am now going to continue using the plum range aswell as making my own bits of food for her.

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