Fairy Jar

20130428-145744.jpg. I saw this amazing little gizmo on amazon and just had to buy one .
In the day it looks like a jar with a handle.
20130428-145859.jpg. However leave this out in your window sil or outside on a warm dry sunny day and something magically amazing happens when it goes dark
20130428-150002.jpg. The fairies inside come to life and start to twinkle
20130428-150042.jpg. Well okay maybe you don’t believe in the fairies but it’s still a pretty awesome little lamp.
20130428-150137.jpg. There are no wires or leads as its powered by the sun. Yes you leave it in a sunny spot to charge up all day and then switch it on at night, or if there hasn’t been much sun (like recently) then you can put a battery in and it works same.
The other cool thing about this is that it has two modes- still mode where it stays on until you switch it off or shake mode where you give the lamp a shake to turn on or off. This is great if you wake up in the night – you just give it a shake and on it comes then shake again to turn it off.
Its very simply made inside
20130428-150553.jpg it’s basically a few small lights and a circuit board but the twinkly fairy effect really makes it a fantastic night light and for Β£9.99 you can’t go wrong
They come in a few different colours and can be found on amazon and a few other web sites.


  1. ClairejB
    April 29, 2013 / 09:09

    I love this! I’m very tempted to get one for myself, although at 32 I really should have grown out of such things! We all need a little magic in our lives… πŸ™‚

  2. google.com, pub-6419179042586861,DIRECT,f08c47fec0942fq0

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