Lamaze Toys

The Lamaze Infant Development System
Lamaze toys are developed around the Lamaze Infant Development System which consists of three developmental themes:
Awakening the senses from birth to 24 months
Exploring and experimenting from 6 to 24 monthsMoving and doing from 9 to 24 months.
All Lamaze toys are designed to help baby explore and learn about their world.
Lamaze toys are brightly coloured and rigorously tested.
I love the Lamaze toy range they are so bright and colourful with each toy being unique. Izebella currently own three toys in the Lamaze range and has lots of fun with each.
20130426-091558.jpg. Octotunes is my favourite and is a big colourful octopus which smells of lovely vanilla. Each one of Octotunes tentacles/ legs plays a note and if you manage to learn the notes you can actually play a little tune – I can play London bridge on it.
Octotunes aids development of motor skills and helps teach hand to eye co-ordination.
P&G Dee Dee The Dragon.
20130426-092318.jpg. Izebella loves her dragon with crinkly wings, a rattle ball and a mirror in tail it’s full of development features to capture her imagination and stimulate senses. It has a soft textured tummy and Izebella often holds dragon whilst going to sleep.
Musical Inch Worm
This reminds me more of a snake than a worm. Izebella laughed for the first time ever whilst playing with this toy, she finds it so funny. The toy measures approx 60 cms and each section of the worm does something different, the front plays music and the others squeak, jingle, rattle or crinckle. It’s soft bodies and makes a great tummy time toy
20130426-093226.jpg. Izebella loves Lamaze toys.

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