Angel care soft-touch bath support

Angelcare uk provide a range of baby related products including baby monitors, nappy disposal and bathing products.

I was sent the bath support free of charge for review and this is my honest opinion of the product.
The bath support is made from TPE plastic which is designed to mould comfortably around baby. It has an antislip base and a water fill indicator.

20130419-114816.jpg. Before using this product I was using another portable bather which I wasn’t too keen on as had to inflate the bottom of it, so was pleased I had something else to try.
There were no instructions with it but it’s so simple to use. You just pop in bath.

20130419-115016.jpg. Then fill bath with water up to the water full mark on the bather.

20130419-115057.jpg. Add bubbles too if needed.
Then pop baby in.

20130419-115147.jpg. My hands are totally free (unlike some other baby bathers) to wash and play with Izebella. I can just pour water over her and it runs back out through the mesh holes underneath her. It’s great for doing her hair too as again I can just pour water over her hair and it all runs down the holes behind her rather than down her face.
I really like this bather it’s small enough to store away and so practical and helpful for baby bathing .
It’s suitable from birth until baby can sit unaided (approx 8 month ). It’s priced at Β£24.99 on amazon which I think is a good price for something so useful
The only slight negative is that your baby may get a little cold as they are sat on the water rather than in (if that makes sense ) but as long as you font keep them in ages it shouldn’t be a problem
9 out of 10 for this one and Izebella agrees too!



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