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20130417-100732.jpg. Schwan-STABILO is a German maker of pens for writing, colouring and cosmetics as well as markers and highlighters for office use.It is the world’s largest manufacturer of highlighter pens,
I was sent the easy graph pencil free of charge for review .
I chose to give it to Ryan to test for me. The girls have had a lot of things already and I also thought it would help him hold his pens better.
20130417-100940.jpg. My first thoughts were how strange it looked, it looks like parts of it are missing or been sharpened away but this is so a child can easily grip the pencil in the correct way.
The Pencil
The first ergonomic graphite pencil especially for left- and right-handers.
Part of the STABILO EASYergonomics experts product line.
Triangular design and unique non-slip grip moulds ensure a relaxed hand posture.
Even with sharpening, the staggered grip zone means that the children will be promoted to hold the pencil in the correct way right till the time the pencil is finished.
Yellow or red color coding at the end of the pencil indicates left- and right-handed versions.
HB-grade lead equally suitable for both writing and sketching.
Wood from responsibly managed forests.
Each pencil has a name tag.
The Advantages
Complete beginner or high-volume writer – the STABILO EASYgraph ensures an ergonomic experience one will no longer want to do without.
The perfect complement to the STABILO EASYcolors and the logical expansion of the ergonomic concept to almost any area of application.
I gave this to Ryan to use which he quickly got the hang of, I’m hoping it will help him with his pen control as sometimes he doesn’t hold his pen correctly and this in turn makes his writing worse- but so far so good and I intend to buy more of these for Jordanna too.
Details and information on stabilo products can be found here at the stabilo



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