Retro Dreams- Sweeties

Being born in 1977 means I spent my childhood in the 80s and my teenage years in the 90s. I have so many memories of things I did, toys I had, TV and films I enjoyed plus music and foods and sweets I liked plus much more.
I thought I’d share some memories on my blog. I’m sure many of you will also share similar memories.
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It’s sweetie time
My best retro sweets (in no order as they were all good)
1) Choc lick

20130415-182152.jpg ooh I so remember going to my local corner shop and asking for a quarter of this stuff. ( I didnt have a clue what a quarter meant back then lol) it had various names but consisted of chocolate bits with nuts and toffee which you dipped finger into. Was lovely and messy too.
2) Chocolate cups

20130415-182447.jpg. These were delicious. I remember them being about 2p each, wrapped in foil and the chocolate always tasted so good.
3) Chewing nuts

20130415-182637.jpg. Again these had various names depending on what shop you went in. They are not nuts at all just chewy toffee covered in chocolate and again bought in quarters of?? Who knows! But very very tasty.
4) Cinder Toffee

20130415-182835.jpg. An old favourite of most people, honeycomb covered in chocolate in huge chunks so didn’t get much for your quarter.
5) Dib Dab

20130415-183001.jpg. A change from the choccies, a small pouch of fizzy sherbet and a sugary red lolly to dip it in, used to be 10p.
6) Liquorice root

20130415-183125.jpg. A very unusual one that not many remember, also called liquorice sticks, basically it was like a wooden stick which tasted in between liquorice and wood.
7) Parma Violets (big tube

20130415-183339.jpg. These can still be bought easily in small packets but I remember buying them in larger packets, lovely violet flavour.
8) Popping Candy

20130415-183457.jpg. Came in different flavours and strengths, you put it on your tongue and it would pop and fizz away.
9) Sherbert dips

20130415-183610.jpg. Sherbert in a tube with a liquorice stick (which we called a Spanish?) very messy but nice.
Hope my sweetie page hasn’t made you too hungry, I’m baffled how our teeth survived with all the lovely sweets we used to have.



  1. julie smith
    April 18, 2013 / 17:15

    omg choc lick was lush

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