5 Unique Off-To-College Gift Ideas For Your Child

As time flies, it seems hard to keep up with the pace with your kids as they grow up. Before you know it, your bundle of joy is all set to step into college. The… View Post

4 Ways to Learn Something New

Due to technological advances, teaching yourself new things has never been easier. With the likes of Google or Bing you can simply make a search on a new skill you would like to learn and… View Post

Staying Healthy as a Student

Pot Noodles and Jägerbombs. That’s the main diet of a student, right? After all, there’s usually a bit of dried veg in a Pot Noodle, so it’s practically a salad, isn’t it? While a junk-food-eating-booze-downing… View Post

How To Be Financially Secure as a College Student

Becoming a full-time student navigating your college career can be difficult enough. However, the transition from high school to university comes with another issue: having enough money. Whether you need money for books, food, or… View Post

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