12th Day Of Christmas Giveaway: Ohyo bottle

On the 12th day of Christmas Bizzimummy gave to thee 10 Ohyo Bottles ? Ohyo Collapsable bottles was one of my very first reviews and giveaways going back about 6/7 months ago. Well now they… View Post

11th Day of Christmas Giveaway: Stocking filled with toys

On the 11th Day of Christmas Bizzimummy gave to thee A prefilled Stocking????? Novel toys are a small family business providing affordable gifts and toys. In time for Christmas they have launched these Pre filled… View Post

10th Day of Christmas giveaway: watches

On the 10th day of Christmas bizzimummy gave to thee Watches from Peer Hardy If you read my earlier post today then you will know that I am giving away two watches (one to each… View Post

9th Day of Christmas Giveaway: Hue Animation Kit

On the 9th Day of Christmas Bizzimummy gave to thee! Moshi Movies Hue animation kit As promised per my Hue animation review a few days back I now have a Moshi Movies Hue Animation kit… View Post

4th Day of Christmas Giveaway: Giggle Giggle

On the Fourth day of Christmas Bizzimummy gave to thee A warm cosy fleece For She! My fourth day give away is one for the little princesses. It’s this cosy daisy print fleece top from… View Post

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