Monty Bojangles 

Just a quick post to let you all know that all of these scrumptious truffles are all available now in Sainsbury’s stores.  Choose from choccy scoffy, scrumple nutty or go for the mixed box of… View Post

Monty Bojangles Scofflets

Monty BoJangles have launched their brand new packs of Scofflets! Scofflets come in 100g pink bags in three varieties – Caramel & cookie, hint of sea salt and Maple & Hazelnut all inside their famous… View Post

Chocolate from Willies Cacao 

Well it’s a miserable wet Summers morning today isn’t it.? And when your stuck indoors witg nothing but Jeremy Kyle on the telly, there’s not much than cheers me up more than some gourmet chocolate.… View Post

Kneals Chocolates

Many people dread their post coming. Usually always debts or bills. I however often look forward to it and especially enjoy it when it’s some chocolate goodies. These tempting treats come from Kneals Chocolates. Kneals… View Post

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