Back to School – Write my Name

Izebella is in reception class at school and is learning letters, including phonics, recognition and writing. It’s a long process for young children and can often be difficult to take it all in. One of… View Post

Read along with Wooly

Say hello to our new pet spider! This is our Read along Wooly. Unlike other spiders Wooly is soft, gentle and friendly. He is cuddly and cute and not scary at all. Read along Wooly… View Post

First fun Flashcards

Flash Cards are one of the few learning aids that have really stood the test of time. I remember being shown flash cards by my mum to help me with spelling and learning when little… View Post

Alphablocks Letter Teams DVD review

My children were recent,t sent the new Alphablocks Letter Teams: Volume 3 on DVD from Abbey Home Media. The DVD is aimed at children ages 3-6 years and aids learning by teaching sounds, letters and… View Post

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