Drumond Park – Shopkins spot the difference + giveaway

This one is certainly different to the many board games I have had the pleasure to test out from   Drumond park previously. I would probably describe it more of an activity between friends or siblings… View Post

Drumond Park: Stoopido review & giveaway 

This is Stoopido!  It’s a game from the well known game company – Drumond Park It’s named Stoopido – possibly because it is very “Stoopido” and quite silly. It’s brand new and released just in… View Post

Crazy claw game review & giveaway 

As you may already know we have been big fans of Drumond park games and have been reviewing them for a few years. Drumond park have a lovely range of games suitable for all ages.… View Post

Drumond Park: Pickin Chickens (review & competition) 

Pickin Chickens is a family game by Drumond Park and seems to be geared towards the younger players. It is really easy with a recommended age guide of 4 years and over.  Rather than a… View Post

Sshh Don’t Wake Dad! (Review & competition)

“Dad is sleeping in his bed, hungry children dare to tread. the fridge is full of yummy cake buy they need be careful not to wake! Along the way are many traps, teddies squeaking, food… View Post

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