Equine CBD- How To Get The Best Benefits For Your Horse

Over the years, CBD has emerged as a great pet wellness aid, helping horses, dogs, and cats live longer and healthier. Equine CBD is also becoming popular these days, with a growing number of horse… View Post

5 Tips for Taking Care of a Dog in a Small Apartment

Is your small apartment being an obstacle for your lifelong dream of getting a dog? Well, my friend, it’s time to rethink your decision. Sure, dogs need a lot of space and attention. But for… View Post

A day at Blackpool zoo

On Wednesday we took a family day out to Blackpool zoo. We have been before but Izebella was very little then so probably doesn’t remember much from her first trip. Blackpool zoo is located close… View Post

Mibo board books for kids

We have three new board books from Button books. Each book is by author Madeline Rogers and the books are designed for very young children 0-3 years but also perfect for both pre and early readers as… View Post

Zuru robo turtles 

There’s a new species of turtle in town, straight from the land of Zuru.  Known as “robo turtles” these mini robotic type creatures can be spotted in 4 different colours. They can walk on land but… View Post

Sterling publishing: kids book titles.

Two weeks ago we recieved yet another great collection of kids titles, all of which can be found in the Sterling publishing kids catalogue. We have four new books in total and yes our big book… View Post

Ravensburger – My First Pet puzzle

We do enjoy doing puzzles and jigsaws in our house and so far have quite a collection of Ravensburger puzzles. The majority are the big 1000 piece or more so it’s always nice for the… View Post

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