Home touches that kids will absolutely love

Your kids are the biggest part of your life, and you wouldn’t be without them for the world! Sure, they can be loud, and create a lot of mess, but they bring all kinds of… View Post

Chelsea Peers NYC

Not much beats the relaxing feeling of a nice hot bubbly bath followed by a lovely new set of comfortable pyjamas. And it’s even better when those new pyjamas come in your favourite colours and… View Post

5 Different saws and their uses

Saws were in use as far back as the 31st Century BC. More specifically, the Egyptians used an unframed version of these tools during the Early Dynastic Period. This Period started in 3,100 BC and… View Post

Zuru Smashers

These are the Smashers by Zuru toys. Collectible figures once again but with a difference. These are far from the cutesy girly figures that we are used to. Instead these are gross and disgusting. Alien… View Post

Little touches to make a home more cosier

There’s something about this time of year that makes you want to just get cosy. The dark nights and the cold weather bring out the hygge in all of us! If you want to turn… View Post