Rebuilding Your Confidence As A New Mum

Becoming a mother is the greatest gift in any woman’s life. Nevertheless, the combination of carrying a person inside you for nine months and suddenly having a new priority in life can take its toll. So, if you’ve found yourself faced with a lack of confidence, you are far from alone.

Thankfully, it is possible to regain your confidence by making a conscious effort to implement winning changes. Here’s all you need to know.

Restore Control Of Your Body

Some women are fortunate enough to snap back into their old bodies shortly after giving birth. For others, there are permanent results. Firstly, you must learn to accept and love your body in its new state. Nevertheless, working with a women’s health physio could be a key step to rebuilding your confidence. Pelvic floor exercises, for example, can help restore control over your body. This removes a huge source of self-conscious feelings while also making you feel like your old self once more.

Your body has been through an ordeal but the right response will reverse some of the impacts. Better still, it will improve your daily life for years to come.

Invest In Your General Health & Appearance

Addressing the issues directly impacted by childbirth is a start. But you should consider those that were indirectly influenced. A mummy glow up can be as simple as getting more sleep and taking care of your hair or nails. Meanwhile, returning to light exercise can help you restore your old physique. When you find classes for new mums, it can be a great way to make friends and gain advice. This may also open the door to playdates for your children, which is another bonus.

When you look in the mirror and gain more confidence in your reflection, you should notice a major improvement. Frankly, your loved ones will too.

Track Your Progress

Whether your goal is to regain your old body or resume your career doesn’t matter. Making comparisons to your old self is pointless. Likewise, comparing yourself to others on social media could be a recipe for disaster. Instead, you should start tracking your progress starting from day one. When you look back and see that you’re moving in the right direction, it will provide inspiration and confidence. In turn, you will learn to enjoy the journey which removes the pressure to reach a destination fast.

When setting goals, opt for small milestones en route to bigger targets too. Each success will increase your confidence and be the catalyst for further success.

Find A New Hobby

As a new mum, the majority of your time will be dedicated to taking care of your child. But it’s important to schedule some time in your life for solo hobbies and interactions with friends. Whether it’s taking cooking classes, learning to draw, or simply enjoying a night in with friends doesn’t matter. Either way, those activities will have a telling influence because they’ll establish a far greater work-life balance. While motherhood defines you, parenting isn’t the only thing in your life. Do not forget this.

It may feel a little self-centred to put yourself first, but you should have no guilt about this. After all, a happy and healthy mum is a better mum. You’ve got this.

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