Some Spring 2023 Trending Decor Ideas

Spring 2023 trending decor ideas are a bit of a mix this year. Most designers are going for a blend of natural and artificial aesthetics, with throwbacks to the times of bolder designs. So, if you are stuck for some ways to enhance your home, here are some of the top ideas this year.

Luxury Living Ideas

Who doesn’t love a bit of luxury? Well, if you do, you might be pleased to know that 2023 is headed in that direction. This doesn’t mean buying the most expensive or glitzy pieces you can find. But more of an approach towards elevating your decor style a little. For example, making your living space more sophisticated with things like wall mounted electric fires, natural fibre area rugs, and using high-end natural materials such as hardwoods and marble where possible.

60s and 70s Retro Inspiration

You probably know by now that nothing really goes out of style. And even seemingly new trends are based on the successful ones from the past. And it doesn’t get much more stylish than the bold and iconic stylings from the 60s and 70s. These include things like warm wood tones, rounded edges, and an eclectic mix of different textures. So, dare to go bold this year and fashion your home with a groovy yet simply stylish finish of retro decorating elements.

Spring 2023 Trending Decor Includes Metal

Natural materials are stunning, and you should use them wherever possible. But you can also go for a great mix of metal finishes to add a touch of elegance to your home. This is especially appealing if you want to be more contemporary in your functional areas like the kitchen and bathroom. The days of picking one metal finish and sticking with it are gone. Today, many designers are opting for a mix of metal finishes on curtain rails, door knobs and lighting.

Natural Stone Surfaces

As mentioned, natural materials are amazing for your home’s decor. And while wood is beautiful, nothing screams elegance more than natural stone. So much so, even builders are seeing the benefits, with more than 300,000 housing contractors in the UK committing to using natural stone as part of carbon reduction efforts. But from a design point of view, natural stone is unique in that it offers amazing blends of both colour and texture without having to change it.

Unique Lighting Options

Often overlooked, lighting is one of the most crucial parts of any home design project. Using natural light is, of course, a unique way to achieve your goals. But it isn’t always available. So you need a statement and layered lighting. For example, oversized pendant light fixtures, oddly shaped shades and large-scale lamps are trending this year. Of course, these also come in different materials. But clay, rattan and ceramic are currently trending for home decor lighting.


Spring 2023 trending decor ideas remain true to the natural element of the past few years. Using natural materials and colours, these include inspired luxury living ideas, using mixed metal finishes in the kitchen and bathroom, and incorporating unique lighting elements.

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