6 Great Reasons Why You Can’t Wait For More Fun With Sex Toys

Wow, what a weekend. Life has been so good since I met my new man a couple of months ago, but I can’t wait until the next time we meet and get some private time together after this last couple of days which has me desperately begging for more.


I’ve had partners before who have had romantic streaks, and some who thought that they were good in bed but were more talk than action. But this one. Wow. He did the romantic bit when taking me away somewhere nice for an overnight stay, and then he backed up it, by including sex toys, which took us to another level in 6 amazing ways.


1. I love to experiment and please my lovers when they give me plenty in return. The toys he brought allowed both of us to let go of our inhibitions especially as we were a bit giggly after a bottle of bubbly ready to have some proper fun.

2. Getting dressed up, me in a sexy nurse’s outfit, and him in sailor’s trunks with a handkerchief around his neck meant we were ready to rip what was left off each other. But he had other ideas. He was obviously highly ranked as he soon seized control after I’d administered some special first aid on him by attaching me to the bed using metal and fur handcuffs.

3. This really got me going, and wondering what was coming next, even more so when he covered my eyes with a velvety blindfold. We’d agreed with a word we’d use if we felt unsafe and wanted to stop before we got stuck in, but there was not a chance of me muttering it, especially when he put a breathable red ball gag in my mouth.

4. I didn’t need much stimulation by this point, as I was as soaking, but the gentle buzzing sound meant I was going to get some. I’d had a play with a vibrator before but nothing like the amazing clitoral stimulator with air pulse tech and vibration, which was sending me into orbit, while my lover was literally lapping it up.

5. By now I was on another planet, but there was plenty more to come, as he used plenty of lube which sort of gave the game away as to which area would be getting attended to next. He went through the range of the Adam and Eve vibrating bumpy anal bead set, as by now I was a quivering wreck, after a couple of orgasms.

6. He let me loose and I was ready for more, so I needed no second invitation when I saw the leather whip lying next to him, as I made sure he was punished for insubordination before we had incredible sex.


I’ve no idea what he’s got in mind for next week, but I’ve told him to go for it and continue to buy the amazing gear from the same company, which increased the heat and excitement by several notches.

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