Playing Phrazle – and other mesmerising word games

The problem of playing Wordle is not that you like to flex your results to strangers or that it can be time consuming at times. No. It is the void feeling after you have cracked the puzzle of the day. The confusion that what you came up with as a solution, you are not sure if it is a word. At such times many people play Quordle, it is a 4 word grid. There is Heardle, where you have to guess a song and WorldLe where you have to guess a country. There are even more hardcore versions like Octordle where you have 13 word guesses to get to 8 words. Another alternative to all of them is Phrazle in which you have to find whole phrases like cryptoquotes. Fair Warning. Those who hope they will not commit to it, are wrong. Because it has the tendency to be addictive.

While there is no skill that you can make out of playing Phrazle the satisfaction that comes with figuring out the phrase. If solving phrases is too much you can seek a simpler alternative like The Spelling Bee, answers of which can be tricky but far simpler than figuring out whole phrases.

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