Is PuzzWord the New Wordle?

There are literally thousands of games on the smartphone marketplaces available to play. Not most of them will not add too much value compared to the other ones, but they are helpful in the sense that they keep you entertained and benefit your brain. PuzzWord is a Wordle Inspired game which is a fun game that will of course help your spelling and vocabulary.

It is considered a puzzle clone in some aspects because it happens to have the same style of play as wordle but be aware that there are extra/new features in PuzzWord that make it unique.

One of the notable differences that PuzzWord has is that when you try to create words with more or less than 5 letters(that wordle has a requirement for), in this respect Puzzword allows you to form words ranging from 4 to 8 letters in length. So you have more flexibility, you are enjoying the same game experience as Wordle and you have different difficulty modes but also have unlimited options to play the game as many times as you wish, rather than just solving one word per day.

On the visual aspect there is a small change because PuzzWord because it displays the tiles in green and blue. When you do get tired of Puzzword or Wordle, the Usa Today Quick Cross Crossword is a very nice mini crossword alternative.

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