You could earn big bucks by playing Crossword Lottery!

Mansoor Mansoor of Windsor Ontario, CA was surprised and shocked when he found out that he was the winner of the Crossword Lottery, the ticket of which he purchased in a hurry. Mansoor is the father of 3 kids and has always played and tried his luck hoping one day he could win. He was rushing to run his errands when it popped to his mind that he should get one ticket. Once he scratched the ticket and bar-code he quickly checked it.

It is no surprise that he was in shock when it was revealed to him that he did win the Prize if $100K of Crossword Tripler. The first thing he did was inform his wife of this big prize win and as you can imagine the wife was very happy too, why wouldn’t she?

He later recalls going to the Prize Centre to claim his prize. When asked about what he wanted to do with the money he did not hae a clear idea as what to spend it on. For now he seems happy with the lucky event.

Mansoor is also a crossword played, he has been all his life in fact. He says that he has started doing crosswords on paper many years ago and then transitioned to the mobile or web crosswords and he plays games like 7 Little Words or Word Jam regularly whenever he can.

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