Winning the Lottery while Buying for Groceries

A woman from South Carolina went grocery shipping at Publix and was suprised
when she discovered that she had also brought home a lottery ticket. At first
she thought she had won a $500 prize but she was mistaken (lucky her). The women
gave it a quick read and skipped the description of the prize she had won only
to learn later that she was in for a bigger surprise. The name of the lottery
she played is South Carolina Education Lottery.

She stopped at a publix supermarket, while being there she got herself a $3
ticket for the Jumbo Bucks Crossword. She said she loves crossword-type tickets
and always gets one when she has the chance. As it turns out her ticket was one
of the lucky ones as the odds of winning the biggest prize are 1 to 600 thousand. The lottery officials stated that the lucky winner kept abouut 70 thousand dollars after tax.

Winning the big prize is not a rare event as other players in North Carolina
have won it before. A few years ago a bus driver, a fan of word games, bought a
themed crossword ticket and got the jackpot. He told the local newspaper that he
simply enjoys word games and played Crossword Jam and other crosswords
on his phone, on his break time.

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