6 Easy Ways to Look Casually Classy

We all have those lazy days where we don’t feel like putting much effort into our outfits. Perhaps you have a very busy schedule, leaving you little time to doll yourself up. However, looking good doesn’t have to entail spending hours in front of your dressing mirror or changing in and out of outfits to find the best one. You can use many hacks to help you step out of the house in style without trying too hard. Here are some of the hacks that will make you look casually classy. 

Work with solid colors

Not everyone fancies neutral colors. However much you like a pop of color, you might have reservations about the outcome. We guarantee that bold colors can also look as classy as neutral colors. All you need to do is leverage them well. You could make the solid color the base of your outfit and pair it with other complementary colors. Another alternative would be to synch the waist or add a stylish handbag to complete your look. 

Incorporate stylish accessories into your outfit

Accessories undoubtedly bring any outfit to life. For a classy look, you could go with minimalist accessories like studded earrings or a chain pendant that accentuates the shape of your neck. You could also wear a belt to synch your waist and break the outfit. Don’t forget a stylish handbag; we guarantee nobody will stop you now!

Avoid wearing more than three colors

A rule of thumb that almost all designers swear by is the three-color rule. When you wear more than three colors, your outfit looks chaotic and will likely distract anyone who encounters you. We suggest you stick to three colors that you can easily pair to make it seem like you put lots of thought into your outfit. 

Build your outfit around neutral colors

Classy outfits are often characterized by neutral colors that look good during any season. They are also timeless and easy to mix and match with other colors. You can opt for a monochrome outfit featuring all neutral colors or use them as a base for a jaw-dropping outfit. Common neutral colors include ivory, bright white, black, and grey.  β€‹

Source for timeless patterns

Patterns are tricky to style because some go out of fashion quickly. However, you could ditch the trendy ones and go for timeless patterns like stripes, houndstooth, or plaid that never lose their touch. Another excellent alternative would be to wear original animal prints because they exist in nature and have beautiful neutral colors. 

Go monochrome

You can never go wrong with a timeless monochrome outfit that is effortlessly classy. Monochromatic outfits are also less tedious to put together, leaving you with enough time to do your hair and makeup before you leave the house to face the world. Even though your outfit is essentially one color, it would be wise to ensure every piece is a different tone or shade of the same color. 

Final thoughts

Gone are the days when you leave the house looking like a train wreck. Hopefully, with the tips discussed above, you will refresh your personal style and turn heads as you go about your day. Another perk of using the hacks above is that they are budget-friendly! You can look stylish without putting a dent in your pocket!

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