Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer review

After Modern Warfare 2019, no good Call of Duty came out. Vanguard was an online nightmare with a broken respawn system. Fortunately, Infinity Ward took into account the mistakes of its predecessors and made an excellent multiplayer. Albeit not without reservations.

Modern Warfare 2 is full of unlockable weapons, attachments, perks and skins. It can take tens or even hundreds of hours of game time to open and upgrade everything. To not waste time. and immediately burst into battle with top-end weapons, we advise you to use the services of modern warfare 2 boosting. For a small fee, experienced players will do all the boring work for you, and you will only have to win with fully upgraded weapons.

Activision re-released an old game?

Modern Warfare 2 is very similar to the first part. Operatives also arrive on a mission, destructibility has not changed, even identical skins are full. Despite the new consoles and hardware, the visual is also the same.

On the PlayStation 5, the game only supports 4K with upscaling, and only exceeds 100 FPS at 1440p.

However, the similarities with the first part are shocking only at first. Over time, you notice a lot of innovations that seriously change the gaming experience.

The hero moves like a real soldier

The main feature of Modern Warfare 2 is realistic movement. Often in first-person shooters, the body and hands are different models that are almost unrelated. But in the novelty, we control exactly the whole body, and not just flying arms with a cannon.

The soldier now has a solid weight, so he runs, jumps and crawls differently. When moving, the weapon sways more realistically. The fighter also climbs and hangs on the ledges with tension.

Devices have also appeared that will help with cleaning the premises. If you think that a camper is hiding behind the door, it is not necessary to slide in the slide and hope for a well-aimed shot. Just attach a thermite bomb to the wall – it will burn both the surface and the poor fellow hiding behind it.

MW2 is full of cool modes

There are plenty of activities in Modern Warfare 2. The most popular modes like “Team Battle” and “Superiority” have not disappeared anywhere. In them, teams wet each other and capture points, and the killed fighters are immediately resurrected. These are driving entertainments, where gamers cheerfully rush around the map and willingly take risks.

There are also modes with an emphasis on tactics, in which you need to rescue prisoners or plant bombs, just like in CS. In this case, the downed soldiers will have to be reanimated, or they will be resurrected at the end of the round. The price of a mistake is high, so the gameplay becomes neat: players walk in groups, look around every corner, take advantageous positions and guard the enemy.

If you only hang out in Prisoner Rescue, you will quickly get bored. But regimes are constantly changing. Now you are dragging the poor fellow to the point of evacuation to the whistle of bullets, and five minutes later you are fighting in the β€œAll against all” mode. Such diversity is entertaining.

There are a total of nine main multiplayer modes in Modern Warfare 2. If you don’t like some, turn them off.


Great maps help the fun – they are mostly beautiful and comfortable. Take at least the Breenbergh Hotel. This is a hotel with majestic halls, cafes, parking and a couple of floors. The location will be appreciated by both fans of long-range combat and fans of shotguns. If you keep your distance, climb to the second floor and control the hall. And you can fight up close in the corridors or a restaurant.

The Mexican market Mercado Las Al is another good example. The location looks great and impresses with a thoughtful structure. Three directions for attack, verticality, forks, shootable walls. The scope for tactics is impressive.

Original activities 

There are modes that are included separately from the standard “Network game”. For example, the battle in the third person. Activity was first added in the original Modern Warfare 2, and now it’s back.

But “Invasion” was appreciated by many. This is an epic 20v20 battle with vehicles, air support, squads of 4 and bots. It’s not up to the scale of Battlefield, but it’s still fun.

The coolest additional activity is special operations. This is a cooperative mode where you, together with another player, penetrate the enemy base, steal weapons or blow something up. Chip in the emphasis on stealth and tactics. If you and your partner make noise or run in different directions, it is unlikely that you will survive.

Pumping weapons is like a puzzle

MW2 has changed the system of perks and weapons – not always for the better. It’s more convenient to use perks: before, the drone flew in after a series of four kills, and now it’s enough to score 500 points.

You can still deal with weapons. To get the FTAC Recon battle rifle, upgrade the standard M4 assault rifle to level 13. And you will open the Hurricane submachine gun after level 16 at the Recon. The chain is complicated, but you can figure it out.

But they went too far with body kits. For example, to attach the SZ Mini reflex sight to the M4 assault rifle, upgrade the Lachmann-Sub submachine gun to level 11. But first, find out how to unlock this weapon. The relationship is so non-obvious that it is better to open a notebook and write down the tasks for pumping there.


Multiplayer in Modern Warfare 2 is way better than in Vanguard or Black Ops Cold War. Modes are more interesting, maps are better, shooting is more pleasant. The first part was a breakthrough, and in the sequel, Infinity Ward just refreshed the mechanics, finalized the modes and made the battles more realistic.

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