You Need Wicked Uncle this Christmas

Uncles can be a rather strange breed. They come in many shapes, sizes and types. Some of them rather fun, some of them boring and the extra rare find being an absolutely Wicked Uncle Below are just a few examples of uncle types. Perhaps you have one of these types in your family or you yourself may even fit into one of these categories if you happen to be an uncle.


1) The Always there uncle – This uncle is always around, he may even live with you (usually having divorced for the 4th time). If he doesn’t live with you or your parents then he’ll be very close by, lurking in the shadows. This uncle doesn’t have many other places to go and usually turns up at tea time expecting to be fed.

2) The Boring uncle – You’ll see this one regularly. He’ll usually turn up on the same day each week at the same time. He will no doubt huff and puff on arrival and then proceed to harp on about his many medical problems and toilet troubles along with how difficult his work colleagues are. Same story different week, yes you know the type.

3) The Prodigal Uncle (once in a while) – The majority of us will probably have at least one uncle like this. This uncle appears once in a blue moon, usually at a wedding or a funeral and then isn’t seen for years. He will hug everyone with open arms and remark on how much you’ve grown and how he hasn’t seen you since you were this high. He will of course then add you all on whatever social platforms he happens to be on and exchange his most recent phone number with promises to stay in touch, of course this never happens. He will then disappear as quickly as he reappeared, to be seen at the next family event many years from now.

4) Uncle Kn*bhead – I had to give this one a mention. This uncle was usually the black sheep of the family growing up. He’s usually the instigator of many family arguments and will most often be fond of the beer. At family events he can usually be found on the dance floor strutting his stuff, thinking he’s part of a boy band. He will crack jokes which aren’t usually funny and will make an absolute tit of his self regardless of who’s watching. He may also reminisce about the past and add extras to his story’s which of course never happened.

5) Clueless Uncle – This unfortunate soul is usually the youngest of the uncles and doesn’t have kids his self. He will visit but hasn’t a clue how to act or interact around kids. He will send gifts on the wrong dates for birthdays and send gifts which are totally inappropriate for the child’s age – think lynx gift sets for a 4 year old or a bath bomb making set when you’re 2!

6) Wicked Uncle – These are the rare exceptions to the rest. The uncle who loves his family no matter how distant. The one who always sends awesome gifts. This is the uncle that we want to really discuss today!


Of course the wicked uncle that I want to mention isn’t really an uncle as such. It’s a place where real uncles and everyone else can go to look at and buy some pretty awesome gifts just like you’d expect from a real wicked uncle.

Wicked uncle has toys and gifts for all ages, and it’s so cool that it even has age categories to help you find that perfect wicked gift. You can even search for gifts geared towards either boy or girl and gift categories too. Here are just a small selection of gifts I found.

The gifts are very reasonably priced too, nothing over expensive and you don’t even need to leave home as it’s all delivered to your home. There are hundreds if not thousands of gifts to choose from. So if you’re an uncle and perhaps not a very good one then it’s time to change that and transform yourself into a very Wicked Uncle and purchase some awesome wicked uncle gifts for your neices and nephews this Christmas. And of course it’s not just for uncles, it’s for wicked parents too, to buy lots of lovely awesome (not too expensive) gifts.

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