How to Protect Your Kids from Sun Exposure at Home

Children tend to be playful; they will run and play in any place, indoor or outdoor. According to research, their playful nature contributes highly to their social skills and enhances their motor. It is hard to restrict children on where they should play; whichever place they are, you need to ensure they are safe, especially from the sun. 

Intense sun rays negatively impact the child’s skin; therefore, you must put control measures to protect them. So, whenever the kids are playing at home, let them enjoy the benefit of the sun short of any negative impacts. Here are the tips that will help you protect your child’s skin at home.

Provide Them with a Hat

A hat will be a significant item in protecting the child’s head, face, and eyes from the strong sunrays. A good hat should measure 3-inch, or it can be more brim all around. Hats offer maximum protection than caps and visors. Cape and visors will not protect the child’s side face and at the back of the neck. 

Some children may not embrace the art of wearing these hats, but you must use persistence to teach them the importance of wearing them. Whenever they go out to play, ensure they have their hats on.

Create a Cool Shady Place

You can create a shady spot in the backyard where they can relax when the sun is scorching. If coming up with a shade is a problem, you can go for the luxury outdoor umbrellas, as they can still serve the same purpose. 

Wearing the Long-Sleeved Clothes and Sunglasses

Long-sleeved clothes also play a role in protecting the kids from the sun’s harmful rays. Don’t dwell much on sunglasses, sunscreen, shady spots, hats, etc. Long-sleeved shirts or wetsuits cover a more significant area of the skin, leaving few parts exposed to the sun. 

Give your children the right sunglasses. The glasses should be able to protect their eyes and the skin around them. An ideal sunglass can prevent UV rays from penetrating the eyes. 

Sunscreen Cream

Every time the kids leave the house, ensure they have spectrum SPF 30+ and sunscreen cream on their skin. The cream will ultimately protect them from the UVA and UVB rays. Even when they are in the swimming pool, ensure they have applied, and it needs to be water-resistant. It is recommended that you keep re-applying the cream after every two hours. 

Avoid the Hottest Hour of the Day

The sun tends to be hotter in the afternoon; during this time, you can make them stay inside the house until the temperatures are favorable. 


Adult skin is incomparable to children’s, as kids are more sensitive to the sun. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep them safe from the dangerous impacts. Although the sun has a negative effect, it doesn’t mean your child should not play out when it’s sunny. Sun is an essential source of vitamin D, and children should not miss it.

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