How To Study Math Without A Teacher: The Complete Guide

Mathematics is important and exciting, it is needed in our lives for many reasons. People study different kinds of mathematics for different purposes. Many of them connect life with science, others just like to solve problems. The approach to learning is very important because it educates our attitude towards this science. The learning methods that our parents know are pretty outdated. It was a simple memorization and solution of equations against the background of formulas and examples. But a unique method appeared – Singapore Maths. The main concept is to teach people to “feel” numbers and understand certain patterns. Watch the tutorials and you will understand how easy Singapore Math is and what it is. This technique is ideal not only for adults but also for children, even preschool age.

Independent Study of Mathematics

Mathematics is a very interesting science which consists of certain sections: geometry, algebra, calculus and so on. Learning is a rather complex process that we see as almost impossible. We are preparing materials, looking for textbooks, good teachers, and so on. But if we say that you can understand any material on your own and even without serious costs. This is very real with the modern Singapore Method of Learning Mathematics. We will describe various online and offline sources, materials, guides and more. We will also describe popular problems and tell you how to fix them.

Step-by-step instructions on how to effectively learn mathematics are certain steps that will help you streamline and customize this process:

  • Decide what area of ​​mathematics you plan to study. This science is too large, so you do not need to capture all the materials. Choose a clear plan and start with one section. Trigonometry, linear algebra, number theory and much more are available to you. Some people are very passionate about differential equations or geometry and find it very exciting.
  • Now you need to understand what your motivation is. Any science is a certain complexity. Especially if you plan to study it on your own. Like any problem, you will be looking for a solution. You may face many difficulties and will want to give up. Motivation will inspire you and you will get another boost of energy to continue and achieve your goal.
  • It’s time to find the right materials to start learning. Now it can be not only a library or educational literature. You can find online courses, webinars, virtual tutors, programs and apps. The Internet is a good way to find information on how to properly build a lesson plan, make a schedule.

It can be said for sure that self-study is difficult because you need to be disciplined and attentive. Remove all distractions so that the lesson is productive. Mute your phone during your studying period because you might get a call and be distracted. Create a pleasant atmosphere, prepare a table, notebook, pen and other materials. If you want to learn math using the Singapore method, then it will be easier. Even teachers are not professional teachers with 20 years of experience. Many of them mastered this technique in just a couple of years. Try not to skip class time, this is important.

Easy Points to Learn Math on Your Own

Any learning begins with reading the material. It can be a detailed description of the topic or an online lesson. Each lesson should consist of certain steps: study, examples, practice.

  • Find an explanation for the topic and study it carefully. Of course, you may have questions or difficulty understanding. Choose another source with the same topic, different ways of presenting information may be clearer to you. Self-study is interesting in that it is similar to research. You are looking for different points of view but a certain topic and better understand its essence.
  • Choose examples with a ready-made solution to the problem. This will help you understand the system and determine the meaning of each element of the formula. This is an important step before solving problems because you need to understand the basics.
  • Now move on to problem solving. The assimilation of the material will be more useful if you see an example. The essence of the Singapore Math Method is based on the β€œfeeling” of numbers. The idea is that people understand something better if they see and feel it. Find tasks that showcase your topic with an example. It is better to solve 10 problems of different difficulty levels to master the topic.

Self-study involves the use of different sources and the study of the topic from different angles. Mathematics is an amazing science of numbers that can open up to you in a new light. If you immerse yourself in this then you will get real pleasure. Feel the satisfaction when each task is solved and gives a result.

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