The Best Books to Study for Microsoft AZ-400 Exam

To excel in a certification test, you need the appropriate materials that cover the relevant subjects. Study books focus on the vital skills that every test-taker needs to pass the specific evaluation. The books you choose must carry the exact issues that align with the exam’s syllabus. 

This guide is to highlight some of the books with supportive materials for studying and passing the MS-101 Practiceassessment. First, we’ll have a quick look at its details.

The Microsoft AZ-400 Assessment Details

AZ-400 is an expert-level evaluation and targets Azure DevOps Engineers. It aims to equip the candidates with the skills needed to create and execute strategies targeting collaboration, infrastructure, code, security, and source control. Other knowledge areas tested in the exam are compliance, testing, MS-500 Practice , continuous integration, monitoring, as well as feedback. Successful completion of this assessment is followed by the award of the Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer Expert designation. 

As for the evaluation’s structure, it consists of 40 to 60 and has a duration of 120 minutes. To get certified, examinees are required to score a minimum of 700 points. The registration for the test costs $165.

Books to Study for the Microsoft AZ-400 Test

Garnering critical awareness and skills for any evaluation commands using the right books. In this article, top books you can use in your prep process for taking the MS-700 Practiceassessment are covered. These are the following ones:

• Azure DevOps Explained: Get started with Azure DevOps & develop your DevOps practices lol

The book authored by Sjoukje Zaal, Stefano Demiliani, and Amit Malik is excellent for anyone aspiring to get to the bottom of executing actual-world issues regarding DevOps and cloud deployment. The guide is ideal for the MS-900 Practice assessment as it captures matters like continuous integration processes, managing source code, code testing, and building pipelines, among others. It begins by highlighting what Azure DevOps is as well as how to apply DevOps strategies to various development projects.

• Implementing Azure DevOps Solutions: Learn about Azure DevOps Services to successfully apply DevOps Strategies

Henry Been and Maik van der Gaag are the people who’ve authored this helpful resource that can make studying for your AZ-204 Practice a nice experience. It extends a systematic approach to how to design and create an effective DevOps environment. You’ll procure mastery in domains such as continuous integration as well as how to continuously deploy pipelines within Azure. Other essential themes to become proficient in through this book include integrating and executing security, containers, compliance, as well as databases within your DevOps techniques.

• Hands-on Azure DevOps: CICD Implementation for Mobile, Hybrid, and Web Applications Using Azure DevOps and Microsoft Azure

This systematic guide by Mitesh Soni can be also helpful for the AZ-400 evaluation revision. It leads you into matters concerning how to execute Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery (CICD) with regards to mobile, hybrid, as well as web applications. It elevates your awareness ofMicrosoft Azure and how to systematically execute continuous practices linked to DevOps. You’ll be exploring DevOps as well as the execution and measurement of DevOps practices, among other things.


Books are meant to enhance your knowledge of the critical exam sections and ensure the information they carry makes sense to you. The books we’ve shared will aid you in discovering what you need to be aware of concerning the AZ-303 Practice evaluation. If you wish to make your revisiondeeper, it’s best to complement these guides with additional preparation tools such as study courses, practice tests, andhelpful tutorials. Wishing you every success as you prepare for your certification exam!

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