What Is Biblical Stewardship and How Can You Become a Better Steward?


The concept of biblical stewardship is not new, but it can seem novel in today’s culture. Though most Christians are aware of the basic concept, many don’t consider the deeper implications for their lives.


The topic of biblical stewardship is so vast that this post can only scratch the surface. This post will look at what stewardship is and how you can become a faithful steward by working with a Christian financial advisor.


Definition of Biblical Stewardship

Biblical stewardship can help inform you how to use the money and belongings God has entrusted to you wisely. It allows you to reorient your priorities and thoughts by focusing on Christ and also offers tools to help you meet your needs while bringing glory to the Lord. When practiced faithfully, it can help you keep your priorities in order and bring balance to your life.


God entrusts Christians with managing the money, property, time, and abilities for his glory. This can be accomplished through biblical stewardship.


Every Christian is in charge of resources that ultimately belong to God. While God blesses us with many things, we don’t own our time, capabilities, wealth, or other resources. We should therefore not use them selfishly. Instead, they should be dealt with wisely through biblical principles, which can help us build up others and promote the kingdom of God.


Pillars of Christian Financial Planning and Faithful Stewardship

Now that you’ve learned about biblical stewardship, it’s time to understand what faithful stewardship looks like and how to practice it. It starts with a review of your current financial plan against Christian financial planning core elements, including:


● Awareness of what you’re stewarding: Identifying what possessions and obligations you must handle is the first step in efficiently stewarding your finances and assets.

● Examining your expenditures, savings, and charitable giving: To ensure long-term prosperity as a loyal steward, you must take charge of your financial instruments and plan your expenditures wisely.

● Making a contingency plan for financial emergencies:Even in retirement and challenging times, you should dedicate time for evangelism to share the goodness of God, ministry, discipleship, and family, which are tasks bestowed upon every faithful steward.


How Can a Christian Become a Better Steward?


1. Contact a Christian Wealth Manager

Seek to work with a Christian wealth manager who can help connect you with the philosophies of biblical stewardship. He/she will help you become a better steward by helping you align with biblical financial principles.


2: Determine What You Possess

Your Christian financial planner can help you determine if you’re earning interest from companies that promote sinful practices. He/she can help evaluate your IRA, 401k, or other funds and recommend corrective measures.


3: Formulate a Strategy

After evaluating your current assets, your financial planner will build an individualized plan to help you attain your financial objectives in a God-honoring way.


Summing Up:

Every Christian is a steward of God’s blessings. While most secular financial planners are simply concerned with growing material riches, a Christian financial advisor can assist you in becoming a loyal steward by embracing God’s command to practice faithful stewardship. Christian financial management services provide peace of mind by encouraging good stewardship and ensuring a financially secure future.

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