Xavier and his magical Blueberry muffins

Xavier is a young boy, like most young boys; he likes to dream. He also likes to bake amongst other things. His best dreams are those about cakes. Xavier’s mummy also likes sweet things and especially so – blueberry muffins, which she eats a lot of.

So one day Xavier decides to make some blueberry muffins.

This delightful short book comes from Anges de sucre, who make and sell fabulous cakes in London. Not only is it a simple fun rhyming story but it also includes an actual recipe for blueberry muffins with very easy steps to follow; meaning youngsters can bake after reading, with adult supervision of course.

The book is aimed at youngsters aged 2-6 years so therefore pre and early readers. It’s free to view/download on line or if you want an actual copy then you can purchase it here.

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