Different Fun Summer Activities for Your Kids

Kids love summer. This is the time of the year when they don’t have classes, which means that they can play all day long. The weather during summer also encourages kids to spend more time outdoors and meet new peers outside of their school.

To ensure that your kids will have one of the best summer experiences this year, you must plan several activities for them. This will prevent boredom among your little ones and discourage them from spending long hours in front of TV screens and gadgets.

Here are fun activities that will surely keep your kids busy during summer.

Expose Them to Art

Do you know that art positively impacts your kids’ development? Art can help build skills, improve academic outcomes, and encourage innovation in kids. Ensure that your kids enjoy all of these benefits by finding an art studio franchise accessible in your area.

Go Karting for Kids

go karting is another excellent summer activity option for kids. You can find the nearest kids go karting site and take your children there. It is an indoor racing track that has e-karts. It allows the children to enjoy their time with other kids on the way.

It teaches them confidence and also boosts their decision-making skills. Other advantages include refining motor skills, enhanced hand coordination, and more. Besides these benefits, go-karting offers enormous fun to the family. When you reach the tracks, you will see the drivers get helmets and other guards to ensure they drive with all the safety and have fun while on the track. So, this summer, enjoy a family go-karting day!

Enrolling your kids in a group painting class is a fun summer activity. Aside from having a positive impact on their development, art classes also open opportunities for your kids to make new friends.

Make Ice Cream

Spending time outdoors will make your kids feel hungry and thirsty — and ice cream is a great way to keep them full for hours. But instead of serving store-bought ice cream, bond with your kids by making one from scratch.

Go Dancing and Singing

There are not many kids that do not do dancing or singing. Apart from helping them pick up a great new skill, dancing also helps kids stay active, energetic and healthy. If you are a parent that is concerned with the growth of your child, make sure that you get them enrolled in dance classes Singapore.

This will help them socialize with other kids of their age, pick up a great new dance form, get good at it and hopefully keep them active and engaged. This is far better than them spending their days engrossed on smartphones or tablets. The more physically active they are, the better it will be for their overall health and development.

Spend this year’s summer as an opportunity to make ice cream with your kids. This activity is easy and requires minimal ingredients. You just need to mix heavy whipping cream, sweetened condensed milk, and cubed fruits, let the mixture freeze, and you’re good to go!

Camp in the Backyard

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to ensure that your kids will have fun this summer. Setting up a tent on your lawn or backyard is enough to keep your kids happy all summer long.

Backyard camping is an excellent way to bond with your kids this year. After you’ve set up the tent, fill the insides with comfortable pillows and bring snacks for your little ones. Take it up a notch by spending the night stargazing or watching movies outdoors using a projector.

Visit a Splash Park

The weather can be unbearable during the summer. Too much heat can make your kids feel uncomfortable to the point where they lose the motivation to move.

For a fun outing this summer, grab your kids’ pool toys and take them to one of the splash parks in your area.. Anything with water will surely keep your kids busy during summer. Plus, this allows them to beat the heat and take on more physical activities during the day.

Plant Flowers or Vegetables

Most kids are stuck indoors spending time in front of devices during summer. Make sure that your kids aren’t one of them by teaching them how to plant flowers or vegetables. Planting is not only a fun activity for kids; it’s also healthy for them as it works as a moderate exercise, relieves stress, and improves their memory.

There are many easy-to-grow plants for kids, namely calendula, French sorrel, cucumbers, sunflowers, and berries. If possible, help your kids plant these at the beginning of the summer, so they can watch them grow throughout the season.

Go Hiking

If your kids want to try on more strenuous physical activities for summer, take them on a hiking trail. Hiking boosts kids’ cognitive abilities and improves their mental health.

When hiking with kids, make sure to pick an easy hiking trail first. Once your kids have successfully finished an easy trail, you can choose a more advanced trail moving forward. Spend some time to look up your local areas to see if they offer kid-friendly hiking trails.


TIme to think for a perfect vacation by this time. Trying to do some adventure like family safari is one of the best things you will experience. Taking children on safari can be rewarding, with the bush offering a magnificent classroom and in-built playground. 

Catch a Last Full Show Together

Watching movies in the living room is great, but doing it too often can make the experience boring, especially for your kids. Since your kids don’t have to wake up in the morning for school, catch a last full show in one of your local movie theaters.

Going to the movies together is an excellent bonding activity for the family. Just make sure to pick a movie that’s appropriate for all ages to ensure that everybody has fun!

Preparation Is Key

Regardless of the interests of your kids, there will always be activities appropriate for them from this article. So what are you waiting for? Ensure that this year’s summer will be one for the books by planning what to do first and preparing the necessary tools ahead of time!

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