General Costs and advantages of Laminate Flooring 

Laminate flooring is becoming increasingly popular in both the USA and Canada. This is occurring because laminate is easy to install, maintain, and also cost-effective, lasting for years because of its durability. In the USA it is also referred to as “floating wood tile” and can resemble both hardwood and stone in appearance. There are hundreds of styles and colors of laminate flooring so it is also aesthetically pleasing and suited to many types of design and décor preferences amongst consumers. 

There are steps in the installation that do ensure the durability with the subfloor being made out of a pliable synthetic on which the laminate flooring is installed. A final finishing touch is a sealant on top which adds a protective layer that will make the laminate flooring last for years and possibly decades. Of course, care is needed and professional installation is suggested for the best results. 

Although hardwood flooring, both synthetic hardwood and natural hardwood are still popular, laminate flooring is more cost-effective both in materials and installation and therefore is rising in popularity across North America. 

On average laminate flooring costs about 50 percent less than hardwood

Although laminate is very durable and less costly than hardwood or synthetic hardwood flooring, both types should be kept as waterproof as possible, especially against standing water. Hardwood flooring can withstand standing water somewhat better than laminate, but both types suffer damages from standing water. Warping can occur on both hardwood and laminate flooring. However, replacing laminate panels is much easier than replacing hardwood panels so damages are more easily corrected. Another factor to consider is that when changing your flooring, you might also have to replace the skirting boards as well. However, this generally doesn’t have to be that costly to replace. Simply find a trusted skirting board website and pick something to suit your taste and style.

Replacement of damaged panels does factor into the overall cost of laminate flooring and those that seek laminate flooring need to be aware of the easier replacement that laminate flooring does offer. Hardwood can be more lasting than laminate but no matter how careful a property owner is, damages to both can occur without warning. 

Factoring in size and area of location of installation will also need to be used when deciding on the type and style of laminate flooring as this does affect the cost tremendously. 

Hardwood is still popular so laminate flooring imitates the grains and colors

There are approximately 57 different types of laminate flooring that are popular in both the USA and Canada. Many of these types use different composites of resin, plastic, and engineered flooring to achieve the color, texture, and grain of hardwood. Almost any style of hardwood, stone or engineered flooring can be duplicated in appearance in laminate flooring. Vinyl is never used. 

A consultation with a flooring specialist is always recommended as the durability of the type of laminate flooring will depend upon the location of the flooring with water, traffic, and other factors being a primary attribute when choosing the type of laminate flooring. Color schemes range from neutrals and light colors to very trendy dark colors such as maroon. The grains and even swirls and designs can be manufactured to look not just like hardwood but even parquet, stone, and ceramic. 

Why consider laminate flooring as an option?

The cost of course. But other factors also play into its popularity. Pet stains are easily removable as they do not sink into the under layers of flooring due to the composition of the laminate flooring and the top coating that prevents stain absorption. High traffic areas should not be problematic if care is taken for the laminate flooring. This is generally achieved by placing a throw rug on the areas of high traffic. This acts as a barrier to traffic damage and generally is used in hallways and in business properties where a reception area is present. 

Standing water sometimes cannot be prevented but cleaning up as soon as possible will indeed prevent as much damage as would occur if left without cleanup. Laminate flooring like all other flooring options does last longer and stays more beautiful when the care needed is given. 

Laminate flooring is also dust and dirt resistant

The seamed barrier prevents the intrusion of dirt, dust, and grime. Of course, this also eliminates allergens and there are no concerns about dust mites as exists with carpeted floors. The barriers do also need to match the widths of the planks used and there are also dozens of widths and lengths of planks to choose from in laminate flooring. 

Dust mites in carpeting cause many types of health problems and are the reason many individuals in North America have turned from carpeting over the past decade. Dust mites are microscopic and can cause severe reactions in some individuals especially those with asthma. The American Lung Associationpoints out the dangers of dust mites, and with the focus now in both Canada and the USA, on environmentally and healthy options in all types of construction, laminate flooring is being used consistently in place of carpeting. 

No real wet mopping or other types of special cleaning is neededwith laminate flooring. A quick wipe with a dry dust mop generally keeps laminate flooring looking shiny and new for years. Both residential and business clients do choose laminate for that reason alone. The dry dust moping will not scratch the laminate yet pick up all particles of dust, dirt, and grime. 

Laminate flooring is not only beautiful but cost-effective and environmentally friendly

As the trendiness and beauty of laminate flooring have improved over the last decade, so has the demand. Once viewed as an unknown and not quite popular type of flooring in North America, statistics now show that there is an increase, of up to 15 percent of property owners choosing laminate flooring now. This is due to the public becoming more knowledgeable about flooring types in general and also to the cost savings laminate flooring offers. 

Many companies that provide laminate flooring to the USA and Canada are large national chains with many locations in both portions of North America. Therefore the increase of laminate flooring installations in Canada is on par with the statistics in the USA as are the overall costs.

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