4 Beauty Treatments to Gift a New Mom


The first few weeks after the baby is born may seem chaotic to a new mother, but she will soon be able to find her rhythm both in the care of the newborn treasure and in the return of her extended family to everyday life. Try to remember that a newborn baby, no matter how capable a mother is, will rarely fit perfectly into the expectations of an ideal daily routine, so it will take time and a lot of patience for a mother to adapt to the new circumstances of the family. 


This means that a new mother should take care of her health and appearance because the previous months of pregnancy were quite painful, creating damage to the face, which, however, must be recovered. Here are 4 beauty treatments to give to a new mother to regain the glow before her pregnancy, raising her psychology and mood:


Give her an overnight mask as a gift

Overnight masks are designed so that their ingredients penetrate deeper and work better while you sleep. A thin layer of this type of mask prevents dirt and dust from penetrating the skin’s pores, while binding to the skin their active ingredients for extra treatment throughout the night. Essentially, the composition of a night mask is such that it stays on the skin longer and gives an effect overnight, such as hydration, radiance and nourishment.


Give her a silk pillowcase as a gift

A small but miraculous beauty tip is to sleep in a silk pillowcase. This fabric will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your face, preventing the skin from rubbing while reducing frizz. Silk is also resistant to dust mites and other allergens.


Offer her an eyelash treatment

The moisturizing and healing properties of almond oil make it an excellent natural ingredient with multiple uses in the mother’s care routine. To treat her lashes, the mother must dip the brush from an oldmascara in almond oil and apply it as she would apply mascara. A mother can apply it before she gets to bed, and she will gradually see her lashes become healthier. She can also use almond oil on the eyebrows and cuticles of her nails.


Give her a hand treatment as a gift

Another valuable gift for a new mother is quality hand care. In a professional hand care session, the new mother will regain shiny and soft hands, with treatments that include the application of special nourishing creams, hand masks, as well as special scrub exfoliation from quality materials. By removing dead cells, the skin becomes smoother and softer and absorbs the moisturizing ingredients of the cream. Then, with a specialized strengthening varnish, the process will be completed with a relaxing hand massage. If you would be interested in making such a fantastic gift to a new mother, then you can turn to the company MV Beauty Art, among dozens of care and beauty services, for the woman who always tries to maintain the glow inside her.



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