Dental Anxiety and Children- Ways to Help your Kid Overcome the Fear

Today’s a big day for you!

You’re finally taking your child to the dentist for the very first time and you’ve promised yourself to keep their teeth healthy. Also, you swear to promote healthy oral hygiene habits in him.

But, does something look like a miss? Because your little one isn’t ready for it. And, the trembling legs and shaky voice are very well evident of the fact. The thought of sitting in a dental chair might bring fear and anxiety to them. But, will it force you to back step from taking him to the dentist? 

No, because you cannot sacrifice your child’s oral health- owing to their elevating fear. If you’re finding solutions to ease the process, you’re at the right spot. Below-mentioned is some steps to make your little one more relaxed and comfortable with his first dental visit. 

Let’s get going with discovering what these are:

Start Young:

The dentists in Edmonton say that the earlier you take your child to the dentist, the better it is.

By doing so, you’re providing your child with a house where all his dental needs will be met. Yes, whether this is an emergency or a periodic preventive visit– everything will be well taken care of. 

It is wise to take your child to the dentist when they’re one year of age when his first tooth shows appearance.

Keep the Process Simple:

When you’re preparing for a visit to the dentist’s clinic, especially for the first time, make sure not to include too many details. 

By trying to do so, your child may raise many questions. And, adding more information about the treatment than required may cause unnecessary anxiety. Thus, ensure keeping a positive attitude when discussing the upcoming visit. However, never give false hopes to your child. 

Avoid statements like- “everything will be fine” because your child ends up needing treatment. And, if that happens, they may lose trust in the dentist and you- at the same time.

Watch Your Words:

While enlightening your kid about a dentist- never use the words like Shot, Pain, or Hurt. 

During their very first visit, the staff may introduce him to their vocabulary. This introduction will be able to get them through difficult situations with ease. For instance, you can relieve your child of stress by saying that the professional is searching for ‘sugar bags’ for cleaning their teeth. 

The Edmonton dentist exclaims that their favorite thing that parents can tell their children is that they’re going to check their smiles and count the number of teeth. Use positive words like strong, healthy, and clean teeth. Things like these make the visit fun and comfortable rather than making it alarming and scary.

Avoid Bribery:

The experts in Edmonton dentistry suggest avoiding promising your kid a special treat, in case they show sound behavior at the professional’s clinic. Negate saying, “If you don’t cry at the clinic, you’ll get a lollipop.” By saying so, your child might wonder “What’s so bad about the dentist that I’m most likely to cry and if not, I get a treat.”

Also, there are possibilities of sending contradictory messages to your child. Yes, the dentist is urging you to avoid sugary treats for having a cleaner, stronger, and healthier teeth, and you, on the other side, are bribing him with the same. 

Instead, make sure you praise them for their behavior after the visit is over. You can also surprise them with a small toy as an incentive. 

The Verdict- Golden Rules for Creating Brighter and Healthier Smiles

Mentioned above tips help your child get rid of the fear and anxiety associated with dental visits. As a bonus tip- you can teach some relaxation tips for helping him stay calm on the big day. 

You can also take their favorite toys or gadgets if the dentist allows them. These will help you stay distracted, relaxed and eliminate the phobia as he grows up.

If you check out this dentist in Denison, they’ll also tell you to make sure that the dental expert you’re visiting is experienced when it comes to dealing with kids. When a dentist knows how to connect with their young patients, it can also help in reducing your child’s anxiety.

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