Back to School with Hirst Footwear

It’s hard to believe that children will be breaking up for their first half term already. With everything that’s happened over the past 18 months, it’s a small relief that school life finally seems to be getting back to some sort of normality.

Of course with school comes uniform and with uniform comes shoes. Most parents buy before the new school year begins, but some parents who perhaps bought new shoes halfway through the previous school year may be considering a new pair for the next part of the Autumn school term. Hirst Footwear have a perfect assortment of shoes for school, with well known brands such as Kickers, Hush Puppies and the well loved Lelli Kelly range.

These shoes are what Izebella has and she obviously loves them, after all every girl wants Lelli Kelly’s these days. These are the Lelli Kelly Prinny shoes, costing around £52.They are, as you can see; very cute, but also very comfortable and more than suitable for just school.

Izebella also likes to wear them for special occasions, such as parties and when going out for meals etc. She thinks they are very pretty.

I know spending over £50 on one pair of childrens shoes may seem excessive to many people. What I will say is that these particular shoes do seem very hard wearing and long lasting. Yes they do have the black shiny patent coating, and this can be very prone to wear in cheaper shoes or if a child has a tendency to scrape their shoes etc. However Izebella has been wearing her shoes for around 7 weeks and there is no wear of the material so far.

Izebella is a size one shoe. These fitted her perfectly with no rubbing or discomfort. We are both very happy with the shoe quality and style.

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