Baby Safety Essentials You Don’t Know You Need

You can do your best to protect your children since you are aware of the most common safety issues. But there are more to consider, such as sleeping arrangements, external stimuli and air quality. This is done with such things as car seats, baby reins and child-friendly furniture. Yet, these are just a few of the best safety methods available, and sometimes more is required. To help with these issues, here are some of the best baby safety essentials you don’t know you need.

Safe and Sound Sleeping

The crib is the main sleeping place for most babies and toddlers. When choosing a crib, there are many considerations, such as size, shape and safety. As such, there are multiple types of cribs available, and the most common types include:

  • Standard: classic rocker with enclosed sides.
  • Functional: come with drawers and storage.
  • Convertible: can detach sides into a bedside crib.
  • Folding: easily dismantled for travel.
  • Practical: light and easily movable and can convert to a playpen.

Most cribs are designed to rigorous safety standards as outlined according to each country’s regulations. Yet, as safe and secure as cribs are, it isn’t viable to travel with them unless they are specially designed to do so. But you can purchase handy portable bed rails. Portable bed rails are soft-made mesh fixtures that can be attached to almost any standard bed. They’re excellent for preventing a baby from falling, such as when in a hotel or staying with a relative.

Hearing Protection

You may not know that your baby’s ears are extremely sensitive and can be damaged by loud sounds, especially when out and about. Additionally, the sound of the outside world can prevent your child from achieving the relaxing sleep they require as they develop. Fortunately, you can fit your baby with specially designed earmuffs that help with drowning out potentially dangerous sounds while on the move or at home while you watch TV or listen to music.

Air Quality Systems

A baby’s body is susceptible to environmental changes. This is one of the reasons why they require blankets as they cannot adequately regulate their temperature. In addition, newborns may be sensitive to airborne continents like dust, pet dander and poor air quality. Issues such as these can result in poor breathing and potential conditions like asthma. Fortunately, you can control air quality with purifiers that pull in hazards and expel clean air. Humidifiers are also available with essential oils like lavender and eucalyptus that help with breathing and promote healthy sleep.

Video Monitoring

Baby monitors are a standard piece of equipment for child welfare. They allow you to hear when a baby requires attention. Yet, they only provide audio and no visuals. Video monitoring is widely available at reasonable prices, and most systems work with smartphones and tablets. These allow you to see whether your child is in distress or simply awakened and alert. You can also help prevent serious injury from rolling over or lying on the stomach.

Mesh Dog Gates

The family dog might be your best friend, but it might not be suitable for a baby or toddler. Dogs generally don’t understand if they are playing rough. Tragically, some dogs have been known to attack children for no apparent reason. Therefore you must set boundaries between the family dog and your children. Useful until they are at such an age where it is safe to properly introduce your children to the dog. Like child gates, you can install mesh dog gates to prevent animals from entering a specific area. They are safe, cheap and retractable.

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