Let’s Talk (Functional) Dog Fashion!

Let’s talk dog fashion, and we’re not talking about Paris Hilton kind of dog fashion. Instead, we’re going to take a look at the type of dog fashion that’s the epitome of tail-wagging cool and is absolutely functional too. After all, dog fashion without function is just dog dressing up!

Scrounging the internet for hours or just a few minutes is all the same when it comes to dog fashion. There are bits and bobs for all kinds of doggy-related things, and so after pilfering through the great and not-so-great options, here’s a presentation of the best pick of the lot, according to Barkspot

Collars & Harnesses

When it comes to showing off style and function, collars and harnesses are the way to go. Most dogs need a collar and a leash; there’s just no getting around it. And obviously, if you love your little fur baby, you’re going to invest in a quality collar and harness. Why? Because these are the very devices that keep your furry friend safe when in potentially dangerous environments (think the park, the street, when meeting other dogs). 

Top tips for choosing a fashionable dog collar and harness:

•    Shop with your pet in mind

Look at durability before you look at the price. 

•    Choose high visibility

Choose something reflective, just in case Fido decides to go on a bit of jaunt at night.

•    Harness

Choose a harness over just a collar and leash, as it allows for more control when trotting around the neighborhood with your pet.

•    Collar charms

Think of something trendy, like a little piece of jewelry for your pet, with your contact details just in case your pet does a sneaky disappearing act one day. Stock standard tags just aren’t cool anymore, so get your pet a trinket or a charm to jazz up their collar. Some great brands doing the rounds at the moment include The Golden Dog Company and Lucy and Co. 

Decorative Warmers

You can dress your pet in bows, hats, and other snazzy fashion statements if they provide some form of functionality – we won’t judge you for that. Winter is the perfect time to spruce up Fido’s wardrobe, and you’ll be delighted to find a variety of winter woollies that are oh-so-fashionable readily available online. Here are a few ideas for decorative warmers for your pooch.

• Woolly hats

Dog hats in cold areas are becoming a fashion statement of note, and if you’ve seen the Canada Pooch range of pom hats, you’ll probably need to hold yourself back from buying more than your pet needs!

•    Jackets

Jackets are a great way to show off style while keeping your pooch snug and warm. Gone are the days where a simple pull-on jersey was enough for the trend-setting dog. Nowadays, jackets with press studs, buttons, and zips with waterproof outers and woolly inners are the latest craze. Silver Paw, RuffWear, and PetSmart are big players on the market. 


Okay, you’re probably thinking pooch bikinis and sunglasses are going to come up. But, while these products exist, believe it or not, we’re going to get downright functional with this one. 

•    Doggy life jackets. 

If you’ve got a pet with breathing difficulty or a dog who just can’t swim too well (many breeds suffer these issues), you will know the value of a lifejacket at the beach and home around the pool. These jackets can quite frankly save your dog’s life.

The great thing about life jackets for dogs is that you can choose something that looks trendy but also focus on safety functions such as bright colors and quick-release snaps just in case your pet gets stuck, to name a few. If you do a bit of online investigating, you will find that the same top brands keep coming up for the best life jacket picks, and these include RuffWear, Outward Hound, Paws Abroad, PetCee, and Kurgo Surf ‘n Turf. 

Bows, Buffs, and Bandanas (for those who can’t resist!)

If you’re just a bows and buffs kind of pet parent and can’t resist kitting Fido out in ridiculously cute and cool style, then there’s so much for you to choose from. Whether you’re toting your fur-kid to church with you or heading for one of those check-me-out dog park visits, there’s a stylish accessory out there with your dog’s name on it. 

Some of the cutest on the market right now include but are not limited to some of the following:

•    Bowties and head bows 

Bowties are a nifty choice, and they’re especially easy to introduce your pet to because they’re undoubtedly used to wearing something around their neck (sneaky, right?). JLC Craft Design Bows often have cute releases of bows in all kinds of fabrics. The same company also offers cute tie-on hair bows to choose from for girly girls. Of course, it’s hard to say no to a bowtie or a head bow in a cute print!

•    Bandanas, aka buffs

Bandanas and buffs can be a bold trend statement, mainly because they’re pretty big and are confidently displayed on your pet’s chest. These are super comfortable to wear and look ultra-cute if you choose a fabric that suits your pet’s style and personality. Check out the Tails Up Pup and The Foggy Dog range for cool options. 

Cool Dog Fashion Brands to Follow

There’s no shortage of dog fashion brands out there, and while some are boutique and offer high-quality red-carpet fashion, others tone it down a little with trendy items that add a little functionality to the mix. Below are a few of the cool dog fashion brands out there, each one worthy of attention:

•    House Dogge

•    Little Beast

•    Pawcessories

•    Sassy Woof

•    Royal Collections and Co

•    Swaggles

•    Snugpups Dog Coats

•    Zoo Snoods

Final Thoughts

Dog fashion is something that ebbs and flows much like human fashion. One thing is for sure, though, following doggy fashion trends can become addictive once you get started. So remember always to combine functionality and style to ensure that your pet gets something valuable out of the “dress-my-dog-up” days too.

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