8 Memorial Birthday Ideas for a Baby in Heaven

Thinking of some ways you can celebrate the life of your baby in heaven on their birthday? Here are eight ideas to get you started…

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Losing a baby may be one of the hardest things anyone has to endure. Seeking compensation for the death of a baby, whether it be during pregnancy, childbirth, or years later, can only go some way to helping. Yes, it may provide the funds for therapy and mental health support, but it will never fill the hole that resides in your heart.

When it comes to birthdays, these can be some of the most difficult times to endure. There’s no doubt that you’ll always remember your child, no matter how many years pass, but a birthday may remind a grieving parent of what’s lost. This is why doing something special and commemorative could be the answer for you.

Of course, this might not be for everyone, as the day may very well be too painful. That said, as the years go on, celebrating your baby’s birthday will give you the opportunity to observe the short life they may have had. Here are some ideas to try, so you can see if any are right for you…

Donate in Their Memory

A very special and meaningful way to remember your baby on their birthday could be to donate to a charity of your choice. There are hundreds and thousands of charities out there to choose from, be it animal charities, cancer charities, or the like. Perhaps you could choose a different one each year?

One way to donate to a cause very close to your heart could be to provide funds to a charity that helped you throughout your baby’s life. This could be a charity that provided the mental support you needed, and still might need, or whose research kept your child thriving for longer.

You could even set up a GoFundMe charity page in honour of your child to raise money for something you’d like. There are a number of options for you here, but it’s certainly a nice place to start.


Another charitable way to commemorate the special day could be to spend the day volunteering. Again, you could choose the charity that helped you in your time of need, or any other of your choice. Certainly a way to focus your energy to something worthwhile.

Plant a Tree in Their Honour

Our environment could do with an extra tree or two here or there, so why not consider planting one for every year that goes by? Not only is this an eternal way to celebrate the day, it also provides the opportunity for a family gathering. Get everyone round to plant the tree, and celebrate your little one’s life together.

This also provides each family member with a place to come if ever they’d like to remember your baby. Trees are beautiful things, and getting away into nature for a while could be the perfect way to clear your head.

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Collect Keepsake Jewellery

One small but meaningful way to celebrate each birthday could be to collect an item of jewellery each year. Of course, this could get a little confusing over time, so perhaps you could consider a charm bracelet, collecting a new charm for each year that passes.

Write a Letter

Another small way to celebrate could be to write a letter for each year that goes by. This letter could contain your thoughts and feelings about your baby, or telling them about the year that’s passed.

You could even keep a journal where you write these letters each year, providing you with the opportunity to reflect on the previous years’ feelings along the way. It can act as a great way to unload your emotions, hopefully taking a small weight off your shoulders along the way.

Take a Holiday

There’s no denying that this period of time each year will bring you a myriad of thoughts and feelings. Unsurprisingly, going about your everyday life may not be feasible, especially if you have to head to work.

If you don’t think you can face the day-to-day during this time, why not take some time off and spend it alone, or with family or friends? Whether it be a day to yourself at the spa, a weekend trip, or a full-on week away somewhere, the choice is yours. It might be just what you need during this yearly event to cope and recuperate.

Create an Eco-Reef

A long-lasting and unique way to commemorate your loved one could be to create a reef memorial on their behalf. Reef memorials are “designed to nourish the sea”, and provide family with an outlet for their grief besides a grave. It also gives you all an opportunity to visit the reef annually, if you enjoy diving, so you can see how it’s doing as the years progress.

If a reef doesn’t sound up your street, there are plenty of unique ideas like this to explore. Let your imagination run wild!

Family Gathering

Finally, something simple yet effective could be to host a family gathering to celebrate the day together. Every one of you will have faced the devastating loss of your child, and although you may feel this loss in different ways, family can support one another through it.

Perhaps you could organise a special dinner or a BBQ, or maybe even come together for a big party. Whatever you decide, it’ll be a night to remember, and something to always cherish.

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The List of Birthday Memorial Ideas Goes On…

There are so many more potential ways to celebrate the life of your lost child. From planting flowers, to getting a tattoo, to creating a recipe, to releasing sky lanterns, the list goes on. If you aren’t inspired by the ideas above, here is a larger list to provide some more ideas.

Do you have any more suggestions for ways you can celebrate the life of your lost child each year? Be sure to leave them in the comments down below.

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