5 Things You Need to Know Before Visiting the USA

Have you decided that America is on your list of places to visit with your family? If so, you’re undoubtedly excited about checking out some of the country’s top points of interest. Travelling to a new destination is always a fun experience for families.

Before you visit the United States, there are some facts and points you need to remember before you fly over there. If you keep the following information in mind before you fly, you’ll have a significantly enhanced and enjoyable experience. Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Internet Is Your Friend

You want your family to have a fantastic Stateside experience, but you also want to keep your spending as low as possible. Thankfully, you can use the Internet on the go to get the best deals for things like attractions, restaurants, and accommodation.

There is a raft of travel-related apps you can download on Google Play and the iOS App Store that will help you save money on your travels. Examples include XE Currency Converter, GlobeTips, OpenTable, TripAdvisor, and Triposo.

2. You Might Need a Visa

British tourists travelling to the United States generally don’t need a visa if they only plan to stay 90 days or less. What if you’re planning a trip of a lifetime with your family and want to spend longer in the country? Or, what if you’re planning to apply for a permanent residence in USA? It is noteworthy that green card applicants need to fulfill Form I-693, as per Florida Immigration Law Counsel, to be able to modify their residence status. The form entails medical conditions and health of the applicant.

In those situations, you might need to get a visa for yourself and your family members. Consider talking to an immigration lawyer first so you know which visa applies to you all and how to navigate the process without losing your application fees.

3. Vehicles Drive On the “Wrong” Side of the Road

You probably already know that cars, trucks, and other vehicles drive on the right instead of the left, as everyone does in the UK. The trouble is, when some people first visit the United States from the UK, they forget that fact and end up nearly crashing into oncoming traffic!

Also, if you’ve never driven a left-hand drive vehicle like a campervan before, it might take you a while to familiarise yourself with your hire car’s controls and things like spatial awareness. You won’t need to worry about changing gear as most vehicles are automatic.

4. Fuel Is Cheaper Than the UK

If you hire a car for the duration of your visit, you will undoubtedly need to refuel it a few times. One positive observation you will make about petrol (or “gas”/gasoline as it’s known Stateside) is how much cheaper it is than in the UK.

At the time of writing, the average price of petrol in Britain is around £1.35/litre. In the United States, “regular” (unleaded) petrol costs approximately 67p/litre on average! Bear in mind that fuel prices get quoted in gallons instead of litres in America.

5. The United States Is Huge

If you thought driving from London to Edinburgh was a trek, you’d find that such a distance is nothing compared to the distance between many American cities! The United States is approximately 2,680 miles wide and has a vertical distance of 1,582 miles.

In comparison, the UK is just 300 miles at its widest point and roughly 600 miles from England’s most southern point to the northernmost tip of Scotland. In many cases, it can make better sense to fly between cities and states.

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