Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Marketing: The Ultimate Guide

Cryptocurrency is making huge waves in the financial services industry these days. From humble beginnings as a proof of concept just over a decade ago, Bitcoin and the thousands of forks, novel tokens, and additional programming have all culminated in the present household name status that Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others enjoy.

The blockchain itself is a novel invention that has spawned many offshoots and unique technological breakthroughs. From apparel—like womens tunics—to other investment-grade assets or lifestyle needs (cars, real estate, groceries, and electricity bills), cryptocurrency and blockchain technology make for a uniquely powerful secondary source of highly potent income.

Marketing drives a large portion of this marketplace for trading. In order to understand the benefits and strategies of the crypto world, it’s important to realize how marketing is leveraged in the digital currency world.

The crypto market never sleeps.


The first thing that investors need to know when approaching trading in this arena is that the market is never off. Unlike the stock market, or even the real estate space, the crypto market never has the opportunity to “recharge” or “cool off” after a day of trading. In these more traditional marketplaces, daily events and long trending patterns can emerge as market movers—this makes stock trading a speculative endeavor, yet one that can be relied upon to behave in a generally predictable pattern.

The cryptocurrency marketplace in the United States, and all around the world, reacts in real time to a series of events that is ongoing and decentralized, just like the assets themselves. In stock trading, a prolonged monsoon season in East Asia that threatens crop harvests can force a patterned response from institutional traders in New York during the following trading sessions, yet crypto markets and wallet owners must invest based on gut reactions that must occur on a rolling basis.

The cash value of fiat currencies (the U.S. Dollar, British Pound, or Japanese Yen, for instance) can fluctuate with intensity, yet these price movements are more or less predictable in certain ways as well.

Marketing makes the wallet swell.


Cryptocurrencies rely on marketing and word of mouth in order to build continued cash value additions. Digital currency tokens are speculative instruments that rise and fall in price based on the overall market sentiment toward any given asset. Considering that there are thousands of unique crypto tokens out there, market sentiment and visibility are crucial to gaining traction on the open market.

One way in which Bitcoin and others are making a name for themselves and boosting their valuation and reputation in the process is within the rollout of crypto-focused debit cards. Bitpay is perhaps the most important player in this space. Bitpay offers users the ability to link their Bitpay wallet with a background wallet of crypto assets and then use them to pay for goods and services with a debit card—in the same way that consumers in the United States might spend a dollar or those in Germany a Euro.

Reading a Bitpay review, and navigating to the Bitpay app and Bitpay website, are often the best ways to learn more about this fantastic new technology and the ways in which digital currencies are coming to form a more omnipresent layer of social society and consumer life. With a partner like Mastercard behind it, Bitpay is reimagining the way that customer service and secure transactions are conducted. Bitpay is ahead of the game when it comes to offering a user-friendly means of translating digital currencies into tangible funds. This approach plays right into the visibility aspect of the cryptocurrency marketplace, and it’s no wonder that excitement over offers like those available through Bitpay correlate heavily alongside a price surge among assets in the market.

Invest in cryptocurrencies now to lock in fantastic pricing and long term wealth generation.

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