Fitness: A pre-exercise meal guide to maximize your workout results!

In this high-tech world, everyone feels like one can achieve everything with a click. While that might be possible with your other errands, achieving the proper fitness requires hard work, time, and patience.

Unlike what many people presume, it starts with what you choose to eat before heading up to the gym. The food items you take can significantly impact your efficiency and strength throughout the gymming session. In fact, skipping pre-workout nutrition can reduce the quality of your exercise. Similarly, overeating can leave you feeling cramped and bloated. So, what is the way to do it right?

Don’t worry; here is your nutrition guide that you must take before your exercise. It will gear you up for the strenuous workout session.

So, let’s begin!

Slow-digestive carbs

Researchers found that athletes who eat slow-digesting carbs have lower insulin. They also are better endured and burn fat faster. Many people choose no carbs at all, and unfortunately, that doesn’t fulfill your body’s needs. So, experts recommend eating slow-digestive carbs in your breakfast and lunch. Be sure you take these meals before going to the gym. 


Also, take one meal right before going to exercise. It should have at least 40g of carbs. Ideally, you must add whole wheat, brown rice, sweet potatoes, fruits, oatmeals, and whole-wheat bread in your pre-workout meal. 

Green salad to prevent adverse effects

Heart palpitation (fluttering or pounding heartbeat) is one of the most typical troubles gym hitters face. It causes blood vessel dilation and rapid heartbeat. As a result, some people can face nausea and vomiting. 


But, consuming a plate of green salad meal can help you prevent such conditions. These green veggies enhance the Nitric oxide level in the body. Nitric oxide boosts blood circulation in the body and relaxes the inner muscles. 

It lets the oxygen travel to every body part efficiently. So, consider having a full plate of green salad at least 2 hours before you go to the gym. However, if you don’t know where to begin, you can read more to understand more about personalized diet plans for better results. 

Choose caffeine for intensity

We all know that caffeine works as an energy booster. But research also shows that taking caffeine before exercise improves fat-burning. Plus, it blunts muscle pain during weight training and heavy lifts. It means taking 200-400mg of caffeine before working out can motivate you to do 20 more reps. 


So, next time before packing your gym bag, grab a cup of coffee, right?

Point to remember:

Avoid higher-fat meals by all means. Why?

High-fat meals can reduce the amount of nitric oxide in the body for at least four hours. That simply means less oxygen will flow in the body. It lowers the blood flow, and muscles will pump less. So, the hard efforts you put into the gym can go in vain. 

So, make sure you avoid eating large amounts of fats before going to the gym. Yes, you can intake them after several hours of exercising. 

Wrapping up

Everyone is practicing a health-conscious lifestyle. Getting a fit body is a dream of almost everyone. And, the good thing is that obtaining a healthy body isn’t that hard. You need to follow a proper diet plan and gym techniques. And you are good to go!



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