Why is Sandstone Paving So Popular?

Nowadays, there are a lot of natural and man-made paving options that you can choose from. But it seems that the natural beauty of sandstone paving always stands out. It is the reason why its popularity has continued to endure over the centuries. Sandstone pavings are widely used all over the world, whether in public spaces or private gardens. Here, we will find out why most consumers are opting for sandstone in creating their amazing outdoor spaces.

Where Does Sandstone Come From?

Sandstone is a certain type of sedimentary rock made of tiny grains of rocks and minerals mixed with mud formed at the bottom of rivers, lakes, and seas a long time ago. Now, natural sandstone is considered one of the most popular types of rock. Large quantities of sandstone can be found in different locations worldwide, including India, Africa, Europe, Australia, and America.

Aside from its natural beauty, here are some of the relevant reasons why sandstone is one of the popular options for paving patios, paths, and terraces worldwide.

Sandstone Pavings are Durable.

Sandstone is long-lasting and harder compared to other man-made alternatives. It is not as hard as other natural stones such as marble or granite, but it is still durable enough to last for many years. Since it is not as hard compared to other natural stones, it will be easier to cut or carve into unique shapes.

Sandstone Slabs are Replaceable.

Sandstone is a natural stone that has various tones and textures, making each slab unique. It means that whenever an individual slab gets damaged, it can be removed and replaced right away without worrying if it will match.

Sandstone Pavings are Environmentally Friendly.

Man-made paving materials undergo an intensive production process which can be harmful to the environment. On the other hand, quarrying for natural stone such as sandstone is more environmentally friendly. Since sandstone slabs are durable, you easily recycle and reuse them anywhere. Certainly, your sandstone slabs will never end up in a landfill.

Sandstone Pavings are Non-Slip.

Because of their grainy texture, sandstone slabs are naturally slip-resistant. In other words, they are perfect in rainy areas and in other parts of your garden, which usually gets wet such as the surroundings of your outdoor pool.

Natural Sandstone Comes in Different Shades and Colors

Sandstone paving varies a lot since sand shades from the different parts of the world also vary. It means that you will have many choices such as bright reds, rich golds, exquisite beiges, dark browns and anything in between!

Sandstone Pavings Require Low Maintenance

After installing your slabs, it would be very easy to maintain. Although it will weather over time, keep in mind that this is one of the eye-catching features of natural stone paving. If it is frequently exposed to elements or placed in high traffic areas, it is recommended that you seal the sandstone often. 

Sandstone Pavings are Affordable.

Surprisingly, sandstone is more affordable than the other types of natural stones, such as marble and granite. In other words, you can enjoy the natural beauty of sandstone on your patio or path without destroying your budget.


Sandstone pavings look very natural, are environmentally friendly, slip-resistant, replaceable, durable, low-maintenance and come in different shades and colours. That is why it is not surprising that it remains a popular option for outdoor paving.

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