Snowboard Care 101: Easy Maintenance Tips Every Rider Must Know

Snowboard lovers must know the importance of the proper maintenance of snowboards. Maintenance is second nature in snowboarding. Taking care of them means you will not need to replace your snowboard more often. 

Also, buying a brand-new snowboard will surely cost you extra money, especially if you go straight to reputable brands in the market. 

If you are relatively a newbie in snowboarding and wants to make your snowboard long-lasting, then you came to the right post. Listed below are some of the essential tips in taking care of your snowboard. 

Shred Off the Factory Wax

Brand-new snowboards are always pre-shined with factory wax. It means your snowboard brand or maker applied a layer of performance wax straight from their factory. However, this wax is not the same as the ones you purchase separately. It means the wax is usually sub-par with the performance wax you purchase separately. 

So, it would be best if you shredded off the factory wax by riding the snowboard out on the snow. Taking your snowboard out on the snow helps remove the factory wax easier than wiping it off with tissue paper. Also, it is the best way to test the snowboard’s capability on snow. 

Wax Your Snowboard Right After Every Session

One of the most important maintenance routines you must never forget is to wax your snowboard after every session. Waxing your snowboard is very easy. Waxing your snowboard keeps it optimally nice to ride and lets you move faster. It also helps prevent your snowboard from drying while extending its lifespan. 

To wax your snowboard, you need your preferred performance wax, a scraper, and an iron. If you have an extra budget for maintenance, you can buy a specially-designed iron specifically for snowboards and skis. But any household irons will do very fine. Make sure you do not use the iron for your clothes ever again because of the wax that sticks on them. 

Detune the Tail-End & Nose of Your Snowboard

Also, do not forget detuning your snowboard’s tail-ends and nose. There are snowboards out there with a sharp metal edge on both ends, designed for the elite snowboarders. If you are not doing those sharp turns, it would be best to buff them so you can prevent catching an edge, which will likely result in falling. 

To do this, use a diamond stone file or a gummy stone and start grinding those sharp edges until they are blunt enough. However, it would be best to refer to some detuning videos online from experts to see the proper way to do this. 

Avoid Rough and Rocky Surfaces When Riding

Your snowboard’s worst enemies are the rough and rocky surfaces that easily scratches or, worse, damage them. So, it is best advised to avoid these kinds of surfaces by riding with care. Also, do not be tempted to ride out in questionable weather conditions because you can never predict the surface’s condition. 

It is best to ride in the middle of the season so you can expect a smoother and snowy surface that is friendly enough for your snowboard. 

Buff Gashes With Hot Wax

When your snowboard runs-in with a sharp edge or a rock, you must deal with it as soon as possible. You can fix this problem by buffing out the scratches and gashes with a fresh hot wax. If the damage runs a bit deeper, you need to apply a thicker layer of wax. 

Or perhaps, it would be best to bring it to your preferred snowboard shop to get it fixed with a P-Tex candle which easily erases deep scratches and gashes. 

Final Thoughts

Your snowboard is only as good as how you take care of it. Being a responsible rider means you also know how to take care of your snowboard. With these tips, you can ensure your snowboard’s longevity and quality.

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