Steps On How To Use The Bathmate HydroXtreme

Sex is one of those subjects that people do not like to talk about in public. However, the taboo part of the discussion makes it even more titillating to speak of in smaller circles. Usually, the men engage in more barbaric acts like how they performed last night with their partner. Meanwhile, women are generally about the romance part, but this discussion will always depend on the people involved. However, there is one topic that intertwines with both: the size of the male.

For women, the talk of how big their partner is will come up from time to time. It is usually for comparison with their friends’ or just coming out of the group topic as you may read here. However, it can be positive or negative depending on if the women like it big. For the men, though, having a bigger than average tool is a blessing as it is also a point of pride. However, what will you do if you are not well-endowed?

Historical Cock Measurements

During ancient times, there were many beliefs when it comes to this part of the body. One of the more prevailing ones is that it is a symbol of power. If you do not have this (i.e., a female), then you were supposed to be inferior. Fortunately, this is not the primary belief of most people these days though there are still pockets in the modern world that follow this standard. On the other hand, size does matter when it comes to sex, even with different cultures.

For example, in Ancient Greece, men who had smaller penises were said to be more attractive. The reasoning behind this is unclear, but you can still see it through the sculptures of the time. On the other hand, ancient Rome did not have a lot of beliefs about this. However, some accounts of women (and men) were enamored by slaves and their more massive appendages. This trend stayed the same even until today, wherein bigger is always considered better.

However, we all know that not all men are blessed with large endowments. It is usually the genes that will affect your size through adulthood. There was once a belief that relied on racial stereotypes, but it is becoming less of an issue these days. Meanwhile, many scientists have been trying to see whether having an enormous tool is possible without having those genes. For that reason, there have been numerous tools and drugs used to try and improve this situation.

Penis Pumps

One way of extending the length (temporarily) is by using a penis pump. There are many on the market which includes the bathmate hydro as below, and also many others which do a similar job with varying features. Check out penis pumps from Spank the Monkey too.

One of the more recent products available in the market is the Bathmate HydroXtreme series. You may have heard of them before, especially if you are trying to see if you can extend your length. Many Bathmate reviews speak of its effectiveness, but many people are still confused about it. The confusion is understandable, as there are so many iterations of similar products, the same as the Bathmate.

For starters, the Bathmate HydroXtreme is a type of penis pump. It is designed to exercise your penis and stretch out the muscles to make room for more length. Many reviews say that it is a more long-lasting effect compared to the available drugs in the market. Also, it is less painful than undergoing surgery since it is all about exercise. You do not need to worry about the complications that an enhancement surgery might bring.

Tips On Using The Pump

1. Use it while bathing.

You must be bathing or near a constant water source for you to use this penis pump. As it runs with water, it is impossible to use it without the fluid inside. It is also more practical to use it while taking a shower since you do not have to waste any of it. Once you are finished, you can just let the water run free without cleaning anything aside from the pump itself.

2. Learn about jelqing.

Before using the pump, try to use jelqing on your penis. Jelqingis the process of trying to control the blood flow and extending the length by using your hands only. Think of this step as a warmup for the pump since your tool is still a muscle. You would not want to shock yourself by inserting it into the pump without even thinking about it first.

3. Fill the pump with water.

Do not forget to keep the pump full of water before using it. As we have mentioned before, it depends on water to run smoothly. Otherwise, the machine is just an abrasive to your penis, and it could damage the muscle.

4. Make your penis hard, then insert it.

If you have tried jelqing before this step, then your cock is already hard. Once it reaches that certain point wherein it has reached the maximum length, insert your tool carefully into the pump. Try to relax as this will make it easier for the machine to work.

5. Carefully increase the pressure.

You will see on the device that there is a pressure gauge for you to manipulate. Place the pump near your pelvis so that you will have a much easier time controlling it. The pressure would differ between people as this will depend on your size. However, you need to gradually increase the pressure before feeling any pain. In this manner, it will also minimize the possibility of an injury.

6. Use for 10-15 minutes only.

Aside from the pressure, limit its use to at least 10 minutes only. The 15-minute mark is considered the danger point, as this is the time wherein you may already feel more pain than necessary. Too much exposure to even low pressure can damage your penis as you can see here:

7. Ease your organ out of the pump.

It is tempting to pull your schlong out of the machine, but take note of the pressure. As you have slowly increased before, try to slow it down once you are already finished. Repeat the process up until you get your desired length. However, always remember that the extent of the size is not as drastic as you might think. You need to know the limits of your organ and try to keep it there. 

There really is no sure way of having the β€œdesired size” men can have other than an invasive procedure. But with technology today, every kind of opportunity is now available out there. You just have to do some research and go find which you feel most comfortable trying out. If one does not work out, go on and try the next available option for you.

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