Zero-Maintenance Plants and Flowers for Every Home

Plants and flowers really make everywhere feel homely and welcoming, don’t they? While the thought of having each room filled with greenery sounds amazing, the upkeep of this, when juggling parenthood, work and everything else life throws at us can seem unobtainable. As busy parents, there is enough to do without adding extra things that need attention to keep them alive and thriving. But what about if you could get the same feel of bringing the outdoors in, without that commitment to caring for plants and flowers? It seems too good to be true but it can be done. 

Dried Flowers

Firstly, dried flowers were one of the biggest interior trends of 2020 and are the perfect substitute for a fresh bouquet. It’s not difficult to see why when you look at the amazing colours and arrangements they are available in. Aside from looking absolutely beautiful, they are also incredibly practical. Dried flowers require zero maintenance; they do not need water or light. This means that they can be stored in practically any room, with next to no natural light. As long as they are handled with care, out of direct sunlight, wind and human conditions, you’ll be able to continue admiring your dried blooms for years to come. They also tend to be better for the environment than fresh flowers too, which are likely to have been grown and flown from far and wide. They are also 100% natural and biodegradable. There really is not much to love about dried flowers, especially as they also give you the opportunity to purchase that pretty new vase you have been eyeing up!

Flower Bulbs

Secondly (and this is such a genius idea), amaryllis flower bulbs are the perfect way to have blooms in your house without the big commitment. The beauty of the amaryllis bulbs is that they do not require planting or watering, meaning they are prefect for urban environments, apartments and lots. No garden or yard is required! Both avid gardeners and those less experienced with gardens will love the bulbs and, just in case you were wondering, the bulbs are not harmed or damaged during the waxing or mossing processes. The exterior coating can be easily removed, with the bulbs living for many years with proper care. 

So, how do they work? Amaryllis flower bulbs bloom on their own with no watering or planting required; they just need an ambient, constant temperature of 70 degrees F or more. The speed of blooming does vary but the cycle lasts approximately 8-12 weeks, with bulbs having 2-4 bloom stalks. Once the cycle is up, they can be composted too.


If you really do want lots of live plants in your home, without the commitment, succulents are the way to go. These plants store water in their stems and leaves, making them perfect for growing indoors, as they are so low maintenance. Succulents are such popular houseplants due to their hardiness and ability to grown in a wide variety of climates. They thrive in room temperature environments and have so many other benefits too. Succulents help to purify the air and improve the humidity of your home too, which can improve health complaints such as sore throats, colds, coughs and dry skin. And, unlike lots of plants, succulents continue producing oxygen overnight, rather than releasing carbon dioxide. This means that the air in your home is fresher, which can improve breathing. There have even been studies to show how succulents can improve focus, increase pain tolerance and enhance memory. Who know how magical plants really are?!

Artificial Plants

While real plants, such as succulents, clearly have lots of benefits, if you really cannot commit to looking after plants then fake ones will still brighten up your home and give a similar look to live ones. You can pick up really realistic plants in so many places these days, so do keep your eyes peeled. Artificial plants are often much cheaper than their live counterparts too.

Overall, while live plants are idyllic due to their many health benefits, do not feel under pressure to spend a fortune of extravagant plants if the upkeep is not going to be possible. By investing in dried flowers or artificial plants you can create an incredibly similar look, without the commitment. However, if you do want low maintenance live plants and flowers, amaryllis flower bulbs and succulents are the very best way to have a beautiful home, full of greenery, along with all of those health benefits too!

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