Tips and tricks to help homeschooling moms stay energized through the day

Keeping your energy up when you’re a mom can be tough enough, particularly when you’re homeschooling. Trying to keep on track to do the best for your children without losing your vitality can sometimes seem like an impossible task.

However, help is at hand! Check out these tips and ideas for keeping your energy levels high as a homeschool mom.

Enjoy your coffee

If you are someone who craves coffee but thinks it’s a no-no, you’ll be glad to know that we now know that coffee has many health benefits.

Coffee can help improve energy levels, burn fat, and improve physical performance. Coffee may have the ability to also help lower your risk of dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and type 2 diabetes.

Make your morning coffee a pleasant ritual by brewing it yourself if you can. Treat yourself to a pour over coffee maker or another home-brewing system so that you can enjoy the smell of freshly-brewed java to start your day.

Take fresh air breaks

Fresh air is good for everyone. Staying indoors with stale air isn’t natural for hours at a time. Take breaks for a quick nip of clean air. Your brain needs fresh oxygen to function, and you’ll be getting the added benefits of Vitamin D at the same time.

Make time for exercise

It might sound easier said than done, but by making time to exercise daily, you’ll boost your energy and your metabolism.

Whether it’s nighttime yoga or a relaxing stretching session in the morning, exercise is rejuvenating. Your children can exercise with you – if you all do a few calisthenics together before getting started, they’ll actually retain information more effectively. Win-win!

Have healthy snacks around during the day

Keep on hand some healthy snacks for energy. You might be tempted to grab a cookie or other quick sugary treat, but sugar tends to give you a lift, followed by a slump.

Whether it’s celery sticks with hummus, a bowl of fresh fruit, or some trail mix, your body will thank you for putting in the extra effort to fuel up right.

Stay hydrated

Be sure to drink water throughout the day. Water keeps our energy up as it allows nutrients to circulate around our bodies – including our brains! This is why you see glasses of water at conferences and meetings – keeping yourself hydrated actually helps you think more clearly and absorb information. This goes for your children, too – if they are struggling, give them some water.

If you find yourself struggling to get in enough water, try some of these tips:β€’ Get a measured container to see your progressβ€’ Add slices of cucumber, sprigs of mint, or pieces of lemon, strawberries, or other fruitβ€’ Make ice cubes with bits of mint or fruit (your kids can help you here)

Adopt a cleansing breathing practice

One of the best things about breathing exercises is that you can do them anywhere. You can do them while you’re homeschooling, and your kids will be none the wiser.

You may find your children want to do this with you – it’s good for them too. Never too early to start to enjoy the power of controlled breathing!

Here’s one example to try: β€’ Close your mouth gently, and breathe in through your nose slowly for a count of three. β€’ Hold your breath and count to five. β€’ Breathe out for a count of seven. β€’ Do this several times

Take stretch breaks

Sitting still for hours at a time causes our muscles to seize up and our brains to shut down. Take breaks throughout the day for stretching. Once again, your children may want to do this with you, as stretches will reenergize them too.

There are many gentle stretching poses you can do, and a good rule of thumb is to stretch every few hours at least. Even if you just stand tall and stretch both arms up, that’s a start!

Use the power of smells

Smells are very powerful and can energize us, relax us, or inspire us. Try lighting scented candles, or use essential oils in a room diffuser or as a roll-on.

Good scents to try for energy are lemon, lavender, pine, and peppermint.

Use music

Music can bring an instant boost to your day. See where you can incorporate music into your homeschooling with soft tunes while children are working, or choose upbeat songs for break times. You can put together playlists on Spotify or similar that are easy to set up.

You can also put on some soft music while you are relaxing in the bath after a busy day of homeschooling!

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