Is gas better to cook on?

Whether you own a restaurant or not, your kitchen is where you make food every day, so it is important that you invest in the right appliances. So if you are confused between a gas stove or an electric one, the following article will help you decide.

In most restaurants and households, we see the use of gas cooktops over electric ovens/cooktops. Sure, you can see many places have both of them, but people prefer using gas over ovens. In our houses, we only use electric ovens occasionally but not as much as the gas stoves. They require gas bottles, and they are easily available. Their supply and refill facilities are fast and affordable. Most household and food outlets use a gas cylinder swap service, which allows them to swap the empty ones and avoid waiting for the refill time.

There are many advantages of using gas cooktops for cooking over electric ovens/stoves. Here we will discuss the main benefits of using gas stoves for cooking in your house or restaurant kitchen.

Response speed

The biggest reason professional chefs prefer gas cooktops is their response speed over the electric ovens. The response speed of gas burners is immediate when ignited, but electric burners take a few minutes to reach the same temperature. Cooking requires more control over the flame, and gas stoves offer you complete control over heat intensity. It’s important because uneven exposure to heat can ruin the dish. With the response speed, gas burners cool down faster, allowing you to take on and control multiple things simultaneously.

More precise and control

The gas cooktops are easy to control, immediate, and more precise. You don’t have to wait for long for the burner to heat up and cool down. They offer better control, so you don’t have to worry about overcooking. Unlike an electric oven, it’s not very difficult to operate, so even an amateur chef will not face difficulty cooking with a gas cooktop. With the electric stove, you may need to move the pan away from the burner to let the contents cool down, but with gas, you can control the heat with the regulator without needing to lift the pan. The installation of gas bottles is very easy and very efficient. You just need to attach the gas bottle with the valve, and the regulator offers you full control.

Usability with different cookware

Electric cooktops mostly require a specific type of utensils, but you don’t need them for gas cooktops. Also, eccentric cooktops require perfectly flat pans for even distribution of heat, while gas cooktops’ flame is central, which heats the pan evenly regardless of its shape. The uneven distribution of heat with the electric stove causes some of the contents to remain undercooked, and it can spoil the entire dish. Most electric ovens require utensils made of a specific material, and you can’t use regular utensils with electric ovens. You get some of them with the initial purchase, but you have to buy other similar utensils separately, which are more costly than the regular utensils. Gas cooktops do not cause such problems or add the expense of separate utensils. Due to this reason, smart homeowners often move towards propane-oriented cooking equipment offering a reliable and safe cooking environment. Plenty of businesses like Nelson Propane Gas offer such equipment for easy accessibility. You can learn more about Nelson Propane here and find out how such equipment brings a difference in your life.

Unaffected by power cuts

Gas stoves continue cooking, unlike electric stoves, which can’t work without power. Power Cuts are uncertain, and you never know when the unpleasant weather can cause a power cut. Gas stoves don’t let power cut interrupt your cooking and are much more effective. It also doesn’t require much time to prepare like an electric oven or a charcoal grill. You just need to connect the gas bottle and continue cooking without using electricity. Using gas for cooking is more convenient.

Inexpensive maintenance

The installation cost of gas cooktops is expensive, but past the initial cost, the operating cost is very less compared to electric stoves. Gas stoves need gas bottles or gas cylinders, which is much more affordable than the costs of operating electric models. Gas cooktops require proper cleaning to avoid any risks, and it’s vet easy to clean. You only need to remove the steel grate, wipe the surface, and get rid of spills using a regular cleaning spray. 

Cleaning electric ovens or cooktops require more effort. You are required to be more delicate, trying not to scratch the surface, and use special cleaning agents. The controls of the electric oven are convenient in the beginning and work great until they break. Such problems are a rarity with gas stoves, and even if there is a malfunctioning part, you can easily get it replaced. Repairs of gas stoves are cheap compared to expensive electronic parts.


In the article above, we discussed the reasons why using gas is better for cooking. In some cases, like baking, you need to rely on ovens, but it can’t essentially be used for other things. You can choose the newer hybrid models that offer both gas and electric options. However, considering the things we mentioned above, it won’t be wrong to say that using gas for cooking is any day better.

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